Careers in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar, worldwide employer. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s at all easy to get a toe hold and establish oneself. The first step in this process however is to decide on a particular career or career path in the fashion industry.

First, there are the people who invent and design fashion concepts. This is really where the entirety of fashion begins, in the minds of designers. These designers may have skills as artists or with computer drafting, but often they have some ability in both areas. In order to achieve a career as a fashion designer you’ll need a portfolio of your designs. You will need to show some success, such as selling the designs to companies, or producing them for a profit.

Another area of the fashion industry is the manufacturing side. Once designs are complete, they have to be turned from a diagram into actual clothing and accessories. These people, such as seamstresses, tailors, and even leather workers and jewelry makers can all be instrumental in the translation from design to finished product. Individuals who want to succeed in this field usually get degrees in fashion design, and build up resumes with jobs altering clothing or working on costume design for movies and theaters.

Perhaps the most popular and visible profession in the fashion industry is that of a model. Both men and women can be models, and its their job to make the clothing designs look as attractive and stylish as possible. Due to this necessity, models are usually chosen for their charm and looks. Models have to get a portfolio of photographs together to showcase their looks, and the portfolio usually contains a variety of different looks and types of clothing, from winter clothes and formal dress, to casual wear and swim suits. Models can usually start building a resume by posing for smaller catalogs, or by working as an artist’s model.

Of course there are other careers than these that are necessary in order to keep the fashion industry flowing and growing. On the technical side, there are lighting professionals, makeup artists, and even hair stylists who have to find the perfect looks, lights, and styles to complement the clothes on display. There are also advertising and media professionals such as photographers, advertising executives, and those who arrange fashion shows. It is their job to make sure that the fashions and styles that have had so much work put into them are actually seen and appreciated by the public, who will need to buy them to make the whole process work.

Regardless of the particular career path that one wishes to pursue in the fashion industry however, there are some similar steps that have to be taken. Any schooling qualifications need to be met (a bachelor’s degree is the minimum most time), and a resume and portfolio of past work need to be put together in an attractive and professional manner. It’s also best to keep in mind that when you’re just starting out and trying to break into the fashion industry that you may have to work cheap, or for free, in order to convince people to offer you further opportunities.


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