Carnival Birthday Party Ideas


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Kids and Teens 
Published on 05-11-2009

Most kids love to go to a carnival. You probably cannot host a birthday party for your child at the local carnival. However, you can bring the fun and excitement of a carnival to their next birthday party. There are many carnival birthday party ideas so that you can use in order to plan a party your child will never forget.

Consider some of your child’s favorite things about carnivals. They probably enjoy the sights and sounds, the good food, fun games and prizes that they can win. You do not need to spend a fortunate in order to plan a birthday party with a carnival theme for your children. There are many affordable carnival party ideas.

If you need extensive ideas for planning a carnival birthday party, you can search online. There are numerous ideas to help you create the most exciting party possible. You can also search online to purchase fun trinkets that can be won by the guests at the carnival birthday party.

You will want to serve good food and fun food at the birthday party. You can have a cookout with hamburgers and hotdogs. Make French fries for the party as well. Of course, you will probably already have a carnival favorite (ice cream), to go with the cake. If you are able to, you might want to make homemade ice cream. You can buy bags of cotton candy for the kids that will be attending the party. Buy some popcorn or even consider renting a popcorn machine. You can copy many of the best treats from a carnival.

A carnival party would not be complete without some fun games. By searching online you can find a variety of carnival game ideas and how to setup fun games in your backyard. There are a few simples ideas to get you started. If your child has a portable kid sized basketball hoop, you can setup a basketball toss game. You can design a ball toss by purchasing some child safe balls that need to be tossed into colorful baskets to win a prize. There are plastic ring toss games you can purchase for a ring toss game. Use your creativity and you are sure to come up with fun and safe games for your child’s carnival birthday party.

Head out to the local dollar store in your area to purchase some inexpensive toys and trinkets to serve as prizes. Purchase enough items so that each child can win a prize even if they do not win a game.. You can even create grab bags as the party favors for all the children attending the birthday party.

Consider offering face painting for the children. You can purchase face painting kits so that you can paint on the children’s faces. If you have a teenager who is a good artist, they might have fun serving as the face painter for their young brother or sister’s party.

You will want to have some music at your child’s carnival birthday party. You can play some of their favorite music in a stereo that you setup outside. Of course, you could also pay a local high school pan to play age appropriate music at the party. This would be a fun idea since many carnivals offer live music.

Take your time to create carnival birthday party ideas for your child’s next birthday.


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