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Casio, your best choice

  • By Jackie Louis
  • Published 03/1/2011
  • Non-Fiction

  A recent statistics shows that about 75.8% of the college students and the white collar prefer to CASIO brand. CASIO is one of the biggest brands of Japanese watches. The multifunction watches are world famous as everyone knows at recent years.     CASIO watches design and functions     CASIO watches, there are two main categories, one is the sports and leisure hop character table; the other is a pointer to the table of young fashion. In the area of watch brands, what do you care the most? Except the good quality, brand history, the most attractive should be the design and the material.   1) The firm polygon structure. Added the wrought multilateral stainless steel pressure buffer layer between the main body and the glass of the watch to ensure the durability and firmness of the watch under the circumstance that no need to increase the thickness. 2) The thinnest G-SHOCK, use the advanced engineering technology to make the G-SHOCK can maintain the original firmness at the structure of only 11MM. The main modules inside the watch are to be redesigned. The structures of LCD and other modules are reduced to 0.1mm. The original advanced high density technology of CASIO achieves the minimum gap of the watch components. 3) The brand new design. Double watch hasp made the connect section of the watchband more strong which shows rather fashion when wearing.   In the other hand, CASIO watch is with a vast amount of functions. 1) 1) Waterproof. 2) 2) Never break. 3) 3) Durable and shockproof. 4) 4) Chronograph, count down, full-automatic Calendar. Solar energy, 10-year batteries, super-strong backlight features and so on. A leading technology at the industry   CASIO watches stand for dynamic, youth, fashion, and multifunction, which have been earned high repute. CASIO Company always has industry-leading position for his responsibility, with technological break-through each year. Use the highly, extractive, sophisticated advanced technology to combine with new LCD technology.   CASIO does take producing novel, innovative product, for the service of the entire social services for the nature of each manufacturer. CASIO products not only have the high quality, but also operate easily, complete-function, and practical. Year by year, CASIO creates a host of styles of men’s and ladies’ watches. We can witness the advance of CASIO.   In a word, CASIO, your best choice.    The author is professional on versace shoes for men and publishes articles or blog posts on the subject for a few years.



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