Client profile: iskn

What is iskn? Iskn is a tech company based in Grenoble, France. In the company’s own words, “We’re a group of engineers, designers, and free spirits who love creating beautiful tools and experiences for artists, visual thinkers, and pen and paper lovers everywhere.” Maker of the Slate, iskn is a tech company based in France. […]

Client profile: Redi-Rock


What is Redi-Rock? Based in Charlevoix, Michigan, Redi-Rock makes retaining wall systems that support roads, protect against erosion and flooding, and create space in backyards. The company uses large blocks, some weighing over two tons, to create immovable walls for structural and aesthetic needs. Redi-Rock began in 1999, when three brothers who owned a heavy […]

Client profile: AngelSpan

What is AngelSpan? Based in Austin, Texas, AngelSpan provides professional Investor Relations via curated Monthly Updates, Quarterly Reports, and single-milestone Announcements between its clients and their stakeholders and investors. AngelSpan’s clients are other funded startup companies—some in financial technology, others in mobile app development, still others in shipping or moving. In short, if a young […]