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Cause of Fire Determine with Expert Help

Evidence is the element which produces the opportunity of argument in a lawsuit. This also helps the lawyers come to a conclusion and establish guilt. Due to this the investigators dealing with criminal cases attempt to protect the crime until evidence can be collected.

It is not easy to collect evidence from the place of crime. The procedure requires a professional approach. Investigators are required to pay attention to every detail related to the crime scene. There are different methods of evidence collection that the investigators use. It is important to remember that no criminal cases are similar. Therefore, each one of the criminal incidents needs unique approach. A murder scene is different from an accident scene. Similarly an explosion site is different from other fire sites.

Evidence collection

The first objective of the investigator is to find how the crime has been committed. Fire destroys everything, including the source. This is the reason collecting evidence from the fire scene becomes even more difficult. However, evidence is required to establish the liability of the responsible person. The Fire Safety Expert assigned to investigate the crime scene needs to find the cause of the fire break out.

Causes of fire

There are several causes of fire break out. It can break out due to accident. In such case a human being is not responsible for the offense. Fire can break out from a defective electric wire or switch. The manufacturer or the retailer can be help responsible for this type of incident. Arson is an offense. Such incidents are caused by human being. Only solid evidence can identify the perpetrator. Trained professionals are required to identify the evidence and preserve them for future use.

Process of evidence collection

This process begins with identifying the source. Different methods are used to identify the source of the fire. However, for this the investigator requires to focus on the entire surrounding of the crime scene. Keeping an open mind is the most important matter in this case.

Collecting evidence is not everything. The investigators need to preserve the evidence in a safe place where these will not get contaminated. For this, they use laboratories.

Moreover, it is important to remember that different methods should be used to collect different evidence from the crime scene. Without proper training and in-depth knowledge it is not possible.

About the Author –

George Steven is a freelance writer and his area of interests and expertise lies in forensic science and accident or crime scene investigation related matters. George has his own blogs and websites where he discusses about various aspects of the fire scenes and importance of hiring Fire Safety Expert.


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