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Cavallini & Co. Daily Planners from SortingWithStyle.com


Inside of the Cavallini & Co Daily Planner.

The good people at Sorting with Syle sent me one of the Cavallini & Co. 2009 Daily Planners that is among the many very nicely designed and styled office supply related items that they carry.  With even just a glance at their site and the products they carry, you can see that they live up to their claim of being a one stop shop for “elegant and efficient” products for your office supply needs.  For this review though, I will focus specifically on the Cavallini & Co. Daily Planner that they provided.


The high quality leather cover of the Cavallini & Co Daily Planner.

Starting with the cover of this daily planner you can see that some thought was put into quality construction on this item.  The soft leather cover on this planner has the year boldly embossed in the leather across the cover, and has a nice added touch of stitching that outlines the edges of the cover.  In addition to the aesthetically pleasing look of the cover, its also hard not to notice the distinctive smell of the leather used to make the cover.  I dont know if its just me, but I really love the smell of leather, I think there is (at least in my brain) a high correlation between strong leather smell and quality.


Inside of the Cavallini Leather Daily Planner.

Upon opening up the planner I noticed what to me seems like a nice plan and non-distracting layout.  I’ve seen planners that try to be too trendy and overly design conscious to the point where the pages are just too loud to do any serious note taking or planning on, and that is not the case here.  The simple layout has the date boldly printed at the top of each page, with the month printed on the bottom left, and a small full month calendar on the bottom right corner.  The body of each page has lines laid out for each full hour and half hour starting from 8AM and going until 7 PM which is plenty of room to jot down your plans for the day.  You will also notice in the picture above there is a nice burgundy colored ribbon that acts as a bookmark, and is firmly sewn into the binding of the book.  In the above photo, if you look at the larger version, you will see that I’ve tested multiple pens on the Cavallini paper to see what the best options are for this planner.


Bleedthrough results of the writing samples on the Cavallini & Co daily planner.

The writing samples that I did in the planner used a variety of pens including fountain pens, gel based pens, and a ballpoint pen.  For the most part, there was too much bleed through for me with all but the ballpoint, which was the Uniball JetStream in this example.  You can also see that the ink from the planner itself bleeds through a little bit, which is too much for my taste, but I know that many people have different opinions and levels of tolerance on this, so Ill just leave you with the scans above to determine if this would work for you or not.  This also reminds me I should mention that in the first writing sample photo, you can also check out the feathering that the pens show while writing on this paper.  Personally I dont find any of the results in that area bad at all, but again, this is a personal preference of mine, and yours may differ, so check out the full size picture to draw your own conclusions.

This planner comes in multiple colors, and you can find plenty of other similarly well designed and visually appealing items on the Sorting with Style site, so I suggest you go check it out if you are tired of the plain old boring cookie cutter design that many office supplies leave you to pick from.  Additionally, you can also check out the corresponding Office Stylist blog written by @OfficeStylist that discusses office supply style.

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