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Celebrate Wimbledon Season With Strawberry Cupcakes

There are very few other things in life that are more quintessentially reminiscent of the Great British summer than strawberries and cream. After all, as a nation, we must get through thousands of tonnes of these berries every year; especially during the two weeks of June when we host the Wimbledon tournament. One extra special way of using these juicy fruits is to think about preparing delicious strawberry cupcakes to hand around to friends and family when you eventually manage to enjoy some decent weather and host a garden party.

The best suggestion to make these might be to bake the usual sponge cupcake itself and then really go to town with a Wimbledon-themed decoration on the top. Of course, if we are talking about strawberry cupcakes here, you might like to think about smearing a good dollop of cream on and then carefully decorate it with a neat pattern of sliced strawberries. These will go down a storm with all of your friends and family, therefore, you might want to make sure you prepare several per head.

If you really want to push the boat out and make these cupcakes even more special, try to use clotted cream. This will be more like a Devonshire cream tea then and you can never beat the consistency and taste of this type of cream over boring old double or whipped varieties.

These are probably best served with gallons of tea or coffee and make for an ideal afternoon treat. You might even like to think about serving these as a pudding at the end of a barbecue: people will always manage to find some extra room to gulp a few of these down!

One other type of beverage that is really ideal with these strawberry cupcakes is Pimms and lemonade. This will allow you to sit back and savour the things that we Brits always tend to do best. Enjoy, my friends!

About the Author : Emily Inglis is writing about strawberry cupcakes



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