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Celebrities are wearing the brand watch

  • By Daniel T. Deleon
  • Published 11/16/2010
  • Article Writing

Nowadays more and more famous people choose to buy the brand watch, which arises a hot discussion about why those celebrities are fond of wearing such kinds of products. The answers vary from case to case. From what I can see, what the celebrity wears is more than a simple watch. Actually, every brand watch that they have chosen presents their tastes, personality and identification. Now let¡¯s make an analysis of the phenomenon of those famous people who like to wear the brand watch.In the first place, let me talk about the president of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito, who is known as a fancier of luxury goods. It¡¯s said that his favourite brand watch is Omega. He always has a way of showing the explicitand terse styles. From the picture below we can obviously see the image of a great leader, millionaire and a successful man. Likewise, a person who wears Omega can express the personality of leadership and can show his identity as well.

In the second place, take Putin for example, he is a typical enthusiast of the exclusive watch. What impresses us most is that he is fond

of wearing a watch on the wrist of his right hand. Hence, the media always pays attention to the watch he wears. In the year 2003, he wore a wristwatch of Calatrava seires, which drove a new wave of fashion trend among the high-class political circles of Russia. From this aspect, we can see the great influence of those international celebrities who wear the brand watch.Third, another typical example is George Walker Bush, the former president of Amecia. He doesn¡¯t mind what sort of brand the watch is too much. But in order to show his uniqueness and position, he always wears Timexindiglo. This is also a  way of expressing his personality and style. No matter on what conditions, he always chooses what he wants and he never cares about what other people say. Because whatever other people comment, he is still the president of America.From all the examples taken above, we can clearly see the reasons why the famous people are fond of wearing the brand watch, namely, they choose a way of showing the personality, identity and position. At the same time, the brand watch has been more and more popular due to the incomparable social influence of celebrities.


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