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Cell for Cash.com Cash for the Old Mobile Telephone in three Effortless Steps

  • By caius red
  • Published 12/21/2010

Generate profits: Present Your Cell For Cash

CellForCash.com extracts whatever worth remains in old, unused mobile phones, and also returns that worth, in cash, towards phone’s owner. And also the CellForCash.com web-site makes it quick, shelling out anywhere from the a couple of dollars to far more than $100 for every single phone, and also handling the shipping details at the same time.

Is it needed to Recycle?

In the US, mobile phone functions has surged from the 340,000 subscribers in 1985 to across 235 million in 2007.

The average American mobile phone user owns 2 or far more mobile phones.

Based on a JD Power and also Associates report the average replacement cycle for a common mobile is 17.6 months.

It is estimated that far more than 140 million mobile phones are retired annually and also across 500 million mobile phones are presently stockpiled in US homes.

It is estimated that as much as 75 % of obsolete blackberry cell phone are stockpiled in drawers by people who do not know what else to do with them.

Do you may have an old mobile phone taking up room in a desk drawer? Two? A few? Far more than a couple of?

Should you do, you might be just just like millions of other Americans, who invest in latest mobile phones on a fairly typical basis, but yet are unsure concerning the way to dispose of their old ones.

That’s why CellForCash.com was born.

Based on Inform Inc., a non profit individual study organization, concerning 130 million mobile phones are retired annually inside the US. Other organizations estimate that there may perhaps be considered as many considered as 500 million mobile phones lying idle inside the desks and also closets of America.

You may not appreciate it, but yet many of these vertu are useful C several much far more useful than you could believe. On the down side, all of them contain hazardous compounds that may pose a threat towards atmosphere and also to public well being if disposed of improperly.

The CellForCash.com web site was produced to address these details C to return genuine cash worth to people who nonetheless very own their old out-of-service mobile phones, and also to address the problem of protected and also responsible recycling on old mobile phones.

“The key objective of CellForCash.com would be to enable buyers and also businesses to recover the worth of retired mobile phones while safely disposing of unused handsets that hold little or no worth,” stated James Mosieur, chief executive officer of RMS Communications Number Inc.,the firm that operates CellForCash.com.

On top of that, CellForCash.com offers opportunities for entrepreneurs to capitalize on the mobile phone recycling trend. Each and every CellForCash.com user can receive a $5 referral, turn out to be an affiliate, very own their very own affilitate datafeed web site, or begin a mobile phone recycling business enterprise. Employing just a little creativity together with hard effort has allowed many CellForCash.com users to make meaningful each month revenue.

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