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Cell Phone Charging Station and Accessory Holder The Socket Pocket


Socket Pocket Cell Phone Holder

The Socket Pocket is a simple replacement for your current socket outlet cover that has a pocket attached on its left side.  The concept is that it removes some clutter from your work space or counter top, while putting your phone or other device out of your way.


Socket Pocket Cell Phone Holder Parts

The Socket Pocket is made up of three main parts, one face plate that attaches to the wall (top right) one part that folds into a three sided pocket (top left) that attaches to the face plate, and one small rectangular (bottom center) that acts as a floor to the pocket.  These parts are very simple to assemble into the final product.


Socket Pocket with HTC Thunderbolt

For use with my HTC Thunderbolt, this was a bit of an awkward fit as you see in the above photo.  Because of the width of the phone, and how the USB charger takes up a bit more space, it just wont fit easily into the pocket space provided here.  One thing to note too is that the part of the phone you are looking at with the USB plug in it is actually the bottom of the phone, because that is the only way it would fit.  As you can see though, the wire runs up under the bottom of the Socket Pocket and up to the phone, and I’ve used the twist tie that comes with the Socket Pocket to tidy up the cord  between the wall and the charger.  The excess cord still hangs down a bit, but at least its not sitting on the counter or floor and in the way of anything else.

Overall Socket Pocket is a pretty easy to use and very practical item, as long as you don’t mind the somewhat less than appealing look once you have your phone in there if it is a larger phone or electronic device.  Also, if you do not want to use this for a charging station, you can also use it to hold pens, pencils, scissors and whatever else if you want to have a tidy place to keep such things on your counter top or by your desk.  Maybe it would even be a good option for the bathroom or garage to keep small accessories in that you reach for frequently.

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