Characteristics Of Left Brained People


Authored by Douglas Mefford in Psychology 
Published on 06-14-2009

It is a strange twist to the way the nerves in our body work that the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and the right hemisphere of the brain controls the left. While this crossover uniformity of physical control is homogenous, the brain does not likewise have such matching areas where personality traits are formed and developed in the brain. In this psychological area the brain does not create equally. There are distinctly different primary traits created in a person depending on whether the right or left side of the brain is dominant in a person.

As a general rule, since the left brain controls the right side of the body, the usual tendency is for left-brained people to be dominantly right-handed. The left brain dominance creates within the personality an urge towards a more logical approach to problems with less emotional influence affecting the solution seeking thought processes. With the left-brain dominance giving them a more analytical approach to problem solving, the left-brained person is more likely to do good in mathematics or the sciences. They will be less likely to make a decision based on “feelings” and bring logic and fact-finding into greater play to analyze the situation.

On average, the left-brain dominant person will be more likely to keep up with financial matters and be more able to see the details of a problem and how they work together. A more detail-oriented outlook on life and its myriad facets is found in the left-brain dominant individual. There are fewer “grey” areas for the left brained human. A greater tendency to see matters in either black or white and good or bad will most likely predominate, as there is less flexibility to emote both sides of a problem or situation. This sometimes increases the chance that a left-brained person will be a bit less compassionate and imaginative.

The left brain dominant person can generally respond better to verbal instructions and take a more sequential route to problem solving. They are usually more structured in their personal conduct and will prefer there to be a hierarchical authority to give a more orderly aspect to existence. The left brain dominant individual is more likely to rigidly control their feelings and will be more inclined to writing and talking to express themselves. They are more likely to find themselves more at ease with multiple choice questions than open-ended essays. A left-brain dominant individual is more likely to remember words and names than the faces they are applied to.

It must be remembered that the human brain is not an either/or right versus left when the development of personality traits is applied. The healthy mind will use both sides in conjunction with each other. An example of this is the fact that while the left side of the brain controls talking, it is the right side that controls singing. It is important to remember that everyone is a unique individual and being left-brain dominant does not automatically exclude you from the creative thought processes or emotional feeling. It is merely that the aspects that come from the weaker side will be overshadowed and influenced by the general traits accessed in the dominant side of the brain.


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