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Charm ascension magic—belt

  • By Orlando bbmm
  • Published 06/14/2011
  • Poetry

No matter you are man or woman, it’s obvious that the belts have been one of your most important accessories. Usually, a suitable belt could perfectly show self taste and style. however, you know how to pick them? You have a deep knowledge of the gadgets? Follow me, let me tell you their world.   Belt’ s structure A belt consists of two big parts. One is a long leather belt with five little holes, another is named BELT CLASPS.   Belt’ s classification According to the user: man belt, woman belt, middle-aged belt, children belt and so on. According to the BELT CLASPS: Needle Buckle Belt, Board Buckle Belt, Automatic Buckle Belt, Nip Button Belt. According to the material: Leather Belt, PU Belt, Webbing Belt, Chain Belt, Woven Belt etc. The above is the basic introduction of belts. Next, There will be a in-depth mention about the material of the various belts. Genuine Leather Only top layer leather and SPLIT leather are belong to the Genuine leather serials. Generally, the price is considerate expensive, but durable. If you value quality, the Genuine leather belts are nice choice. PU and PVC PU and PVC have a colourful style and relatively cheap price. Some good PU/PVC are even comparable with the Genuine leather. Also, this kind of material is becoming more and more popular and international. Metal Metal is generally used for the BELT CLASPS or made into the CHAIN BELTS. Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Tassel, Canvas, Hemp Cord, Rayon, Mock Suede. All these are often applied to the CASUAL BELT. Of course, many animal skins also are for THE HIGH-GRADE LEATHER, such as ALLIGATOR SKIN, SNAKE SKIN. For the women’ s belt, the material is beyond count. Believe that you can find your favorite. Now, you should know more about belt. The belt’s world is same wonderful witn ours. So, go ahead!Choose your belts!Let diversiform belts bring your charm out!



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