Cheap Gifts for Technology Lovers

In the world of gift-giving, there have been some real boners pulled by a few people who just didn’t know what to do for the technology lovers on their list. A friend of mine once received a small, plastic snowman with a USB plug attached to it. Wondering if this was perhaps the oddest data stick he’d ever seen, he plugged it into his laptop. The snowman lit up, but did nothing else… unless taking up a valuable USB port was one of the benefits of this bizarre gift. To avoid something similar this Christmas, take a look below.

The first step is to find what types of technology the people on your list actually use. If they use cell phones, PDA’s, laptops, desk tops, Blu-Ray players, etc. then your gift list can widen or narrow to include the pieces of technology that they actually use. Once you know that, it’s time to get shopping.

The first step is to see if they need any accessories for the technology that your loved ones already have. For instance, a GPS works fine on its own, but it becomes imminently more convenient to use when it has a rest that holds it in plain view of the driver. These rests, which are usually suction cupped to the windshield, are usually fairly cheap. Also on the list of accessories are belt clips for cell phones, chargers for mobile technology, and wrist pads so that there’s less strain on the hands at the key board. It’s usually best to check and see if your loved ones have any of these accessories before you start shopping, though, because nothing’s more embarrassing than buying someone a gift they already have.

Another step that should be taken is to get a sense of the recipient’s particular likes and dislikes. If your loved one is a music lover for instance, than buying them a nice set of head phones, or a subscription to a music downloading website might go over particularly well. If on the other hand the person you’re shopping for is a video game fiend, then a new controller, or even an extra soft cushion (since they’ll be sitting in one place for a long, long time) might be good gifts to get. This might give away some of your intentions, but if you’re careful in your conversation then the gift will likely still be a surprise.

Of course, there are literally hundreds of ideas since the Christmas market is flooded with gadgets and gizmos. Waterproof radios, MP3 car adapters, and dozens of other baubles that might catch the eye of a technology lover. Of course, if you’re really stuck on just what the tech head on your list might really want for the holidays, pick them up a gift card. Best Buy, The Sharper Image, and other stores famous for their advanced products are always a good bet for lighting up the eyes of someone who just loves new technological toys. And of course, packs of AA and AAA batteries are never a bad idea either.


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