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Check out Friend of the Blog, Jared Joyce on ABC's Shark Tank

Many of you have been around reading the blog long enough to have seen the array of items that inventor Jared Joyce has developed and introduced on the social product development site, Quirky.  The other day Jared contacted me with some exciting news, so I wanted to share it with everyone here.


Above is a Sample of One of Jared’s Many Office Supply Related Inventions – his Refillable Aluminum Highlighters.

Jared is going to be on the ABC show Shark Tank, and will have a live streaming party that you can participate in as well.  The episode will air on  Friday, February 24th at 8PM Eastern and 7 Central.  Check out the show and show your support for Jared, we will be wishing him the best of luck and keeping our fingers crossed that success on the show will result in more cool office supply products from him.

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