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Child custody rights, (csa)

  • By Mike Kelley
  • Published 04/6/2011
  • Article Writing

In the modern set up of today, it is more than common sight when couples decide to get separated. But the problem becomes intense if children are involved. As a matter of fact it is the child who is worst affected by this decision. The child has to bear the tough sight of the separation of the parents and also has to take the decision of choosing one among the two of the most loved persons in his life. Though, some parents try to keep things civil and go for shared custody for the betterment of the child, but there are some who fail to maintain peace and poise and need to get professional institutions like CSA into the scene.

Child Support Agency (CSA) was set up to ensure that children get what they deserve. The agency works hard in collaboration with both the parents to make sure that the child is brought up properly and is given all that he deserves. Therefore, custody of the child plays an important role. Who gets to keep the child is decided by both the parents and also the child. Once this is done, alimony or child maintenance is decided that the non-resident parent has to pay to the resident parent so that the basic requirements of the child are well taken care of. But how much amount is to

be paid in child maintenance is the million dollar question as it has to be a fair amount that suits the requirements of both child and the parent.This is where agencies like CSA comes in and plays an important role. They make both the parents aware of their rights and also ensure that all the proceedings take place in the just manner. For instance, they follow the laws set by the UK government to fix the amount that the non-resident parent needs to pay as maintenance. They make use of child maintenance calculators so that both the parents are satisfied. CSA also makes sure that regular payments are received by the resident parent and it is used for the development of the child. Another role that CSA plays is of ensuring that the right amount is paid. For instance, if the non-resident parent feels that the amount he is paying for custody is way too much or if the resident parent feels that he is receiving less custody both can visit the CSA and work things out legally.The main aim of the CSA is to ensure that a fair deal takes place amongst both the parents and the child enjoys a safe and healthy childhood, that he deserves.Mike Kelley has provides up-to-date CSA advice and a CSA Calculator on CV-Service.org as one of his Life, CV and Career Planning website subjects.



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