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Children sun hats for a perfect UV guard

Most people today are aware of the harmful effects of UV ray on the human skin. Apart from sun lotion the use of sun hats is also gaining popularity. Many schools actively reinforce this usage for kids during lunch and afternoon breaks outside.

Keeping children protected from the ill effects of sun should be a priority if you’re out on a sunny day. You would need to use children sun hats to cover them up in the maximum possible way. If you do not take protection and spend the day out in the open under the hot sun, your kids will most likely get sun burnt and you will be forced to spend the evening tending burnt skin and unhappy faces.

Covering the head of your child will keep their face and neck protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and reduces the chance of skin cancer in the coming years. Many experts on UV ray protection also recommend keeping youngsters below the age of twelve months out of direct sunlight, given the delicate state of their skin.  If your child shows any color deeper than their natural tone of skin then it is indicative of sun damage and should be taken care of.

There are other steps you can take to protect their precious skin. The damage is done when skin burns so the best thing to do is to avoid that from happening.  It is a good idea to avoid long periods outside on a sunny day. Apart from covering the head with sun hat, it will be good to add sunglasses, and sunscreen.  

Parents must surely be extra careful about ultraviolet damage if the skin of their children is fair, and are prone to grow freckles and moles, and also have fair or reddish hair. If any family has history of skin diseases, then it is always better to take extra care. Some parents worry about covering up their children because they might get deprived from the benefits of Vitamin D. But children sun hats will not allow your children to miss this important nutrient. While we need vitamin D to help build strong bones and keep them strong, we can easily spend short hours under the sun few times a week when the sunlight  is not very  strong, to soak up the vitamin. It is also much easier to give Vitamin D to your child with their diet with fishes such as tuna and salmon and of course eggs.

While buying sun hats for your children, do not forget to make sure that the fabric of the hat is UPF50+ rated. This rating is the highest possible for sun protection given to fabric. Look for a style that will also cover your child’s ears and neck and a wide front brim that will cover the face. Go for a snug fit that will stay on and is also very light and quick drying. Finding a sun hat like this means your children will forget they are wearing anything but they will be protected.

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