Children’s Bathroom Decor Ideas

Every child has a fantasy world of their own. Wouldn’t they be thrilled to bits to have a room that allowed them to play out this fantasy? And why stop at just their rooms? Children’s bathrooms are a place they spend a lot of time in, especially at the beginning and end of each day. This would be the perfect reason for parents to pay more attention to their kid’s bathroom décor.

When it comes to narrowing down children’s themes for bathrooms, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the period for which it will last. While a three-year-old would love to have a bubbly bath with the cast of Winnie the Pooh and his friends at 100 Acre Wood, a six-year-old would not. Try and stick to a theme that has a slightly longer shelf-life in terms of your child’s interest.

If you are working on a specific theme for boys or girls, then sticking to the simplest ones is often the best idea. Girls of all ages would love to have a Barbie-like bathroom, done up in all hues of pink. Shower and window curtains, anti-skid mats, stools, tissue boxes, toilet seat covers, toothbrush holders, hairbrushes are just some of the things that will make any little girl happy. When it comes to kids’ bathroom décor for boys you cannot go wrong with a superhero themed bathroom. For good measure, throw in a few bath toys of the superhero in question and watch your children spend hours together in the bathroom.

If you would rather stick to a more general theme in terms of décor ideas that would sustain over a long period with a few touch ups, there are several to be had. For those of you who live far away from the sea-shore, a re-creation of the beach would be the perfect idea. Besides all the paraphernalia that you get, throw in some real sea shells and you will have one happy little child.

When it comes to children’s themes for bathrooms, you also cannot go wrong with an underwater one. Choose from themes like Mermaid Princess, Finding Nemo, Shark Tale and so many of the other adventure cartoons that have come out with their lines of décor. If none of these have caught your child’s interest, then have an underwater world created for them. Include a lot of glow-in-the-dark fish hanging from the curtain rods to light up the way for those midnight tinkles.

While themes and décor are vital to children’s bathrooms, safety plays a very important factor too. Do away with any accessories and fittings that are breakable or delicate. Children should not have to worry about breaking things in the bathroom. When you select a bath mat for your child’s tub, ensure that the tub has the required traction to hold it in place. A good tip would be to have the mat in a bright color and in complete contrast to the tub, to remind your child of its necessity and to encourage them to look where they put their little feet. When you install clothes hooks, opt for the rounded ones’ to avoid nasty head bumps. Also as far as stools to help little ones’ get to the tap are concerned, make sure they have a non-slip bottom.

When looking into kid’s bathroom décor, ensure that you have an adequate amount of storage space provided as well. Put out only what your child will use and store everything else away. Keep all cleaning equipment far out of reach and locked away safely.

Décor ideas for children’s bathrooms are aplenty. All you have to do is select the right one and manipulate it to your advantage.


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