Children’s Birthday Party Games

When it comes to birthday party games for children, a good rule of thumb is the fewer the better, and the simpler the better. Overextending your child and his guests with too many activities, or those which are too complicated, can result in the party-goers becoming overly excited, frustrated, and cranky. A few simple games is a better idea for your child’s birthday party. The games do not need to be expensive; in fact, some do not need to cost any money at all.

While choosing children’s birthday party games is best if they are based on age and interests, there are some games which are usually successful amongst kids of all ages.

Active games in which everyone can participate are always good choices. Simon Says, Twenty Questions, and Charades, will keep your child and all of his guests attentive. If you devote a specific amount of time during the party to these games, the kids will all have fun without becoming tired or bored.

Face painting is a relatively new idea for children’s parties. If your child and his guests are very young, you and another adult can do the face painting. Even the youngest kids will love to see themselves as unique works of art. Older children will delight in doing their own face painting. You can team each child up with a partner, and watch the wondrous results. This can be a silly, delightful game, with all of the children voting on their favorite creations. You can also provide small prizes for the team they choose as the winner.

If you live in a warm climate, or the party is to take place in the summer, you can take advantage of it for your child’s birthday party games. The possibilities are nearly limitless. You can hold a contest for sinking a basketball in the hoop, a traditional game of horseshoes, or softball. Most kids love to be outdoors, so planning your child’s birthday party games for your own back yard will surely be a hit.

When you are planning your child’s birthday party, a thought to keep in mind is that structure is good, but too much is not. While some children might like to play a traditional board game, for example, most look at birthday parties as a time of fun and excitement. This usually includes some degree of physical activity. The more active they are, the better they like it, as long as it’s fun and everyone is included.

A limbo pole with music, a hula hoop, and something to “pin” something on, are all good ideas for children’s birthday party games. They combine just enough activity and excitement to be winners at your child’s birthday party. You may even find yourself joining in the games yourself.

If you really want to rent a party bouncer for your youngster’s birthday party, it can add to the overall theme of the party. It can also cost a bit of money, and is not necessary. Your child and his guests can have plenty of fun with just a little creativity.


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