Children’s Books on Environmental Issues


Authored by Jaipi Sixbear in Education
Published on 01-03-2010

On my writing desk sits a well worn copy of “50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth”. I consider this one of the best children’s books on environmental issues there ever was. My kids used this book for school and home environmental projects. Occasionally, I browse it’s tattered pages to recall information while writing. In these days of ecological uncertainty there are many fine children’s books on environmental issues. Here are just a few you might want to check out for your children.

“365 Penguins”
by Jean-Luc Fromental

This adorable children’s book on environmental issues is both fun and educational. What would you do if every day for a year, a new penguin showed up at your doorstep? One family soon finds out how hard the care and feeding of penguins really is. Through their silly struggles, kids learn about Global Warming with laughter and love. At the end of a year, the penguin benefactor arrives to explain what he is doing to save the penguins. Much to the family’s relief, he takes them away. The next day yet another mysterious parcel arrives. This environmental children’s book is geared for ages 5-9.

“Fernando’s Gift”
by Douglas Keister

This environmental children’s book focuses on the rainforest. Fernando is a little boy who lives with his family in the rainforest of Costa Rica. The book describes life in the rainforest and the simple pleasures Fernando enjoys on a daily basis. Fernando swims, climbs trees, picks fruit and listens to the gentle rain on the tin roof of his home. One day Fernando learns his favorite Cristobal tree has been cut down. Kids from grade one to grade five can join Fernando in learning about the destruction of the rainforest from his father. This children’s book on environmental issues is written with a mix of English and Spanish.

“Flute’s Journey”
by Lynne Cherry

Flute is a wood thrush. Kids experience the hatching and wanderings of Flute. His travels and migrations take him and them from North America, where he is hatched, all the way to Costa Rica. On the way kids learn about migration, endangered species and environmental hazards effecting birds. Mention is given to loss of habitat, toxic waste and other environmental issues. The book is illustrated with beautiful paintings describing the life of a wood thrush.

“One Well”
by Rochell Strauss

Here’s a children’s book on environmental issues for older readers. Our water supply is precious. This book explains how and why it should be protected. The author discusses growing population, illegal dumping and more. The book is titled “One Well” because water is interconnected and in a sense all people drink from the same well. Kids will learn about water cycles and so much more as the author takes a fascinating angle on water supply, usage and conservation. Emphasis is placed on educating others about our dwindling water supply.

Children’s books on environmental issues are plentiful. Kids of all ages can find information on saving their world for future generations. Young children will find joy in “365 penguins”, a silly story about a family who gets roped into caring for the birds. “Fernando’s Gift” teaches children about life in the rainforest. “Flutes Journey” takes kids on a flight of migration with Flute, the wood thrush. Older kids will learn about our water supply and how to conserve it in “One Well.”


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