Children’s Gifts Under $5


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When you want to buy a present for a child, you should be aware of the fact that it’s not necessary to buy them something expensive. For starters, most little children won’t see the difference between something expensive and something less expensive. For a child, it’s enough to receive SOMETHING. What matters most, is that the present is given with love and an understanding for what the child really likes to play with.

You can find a great variety of gifs just under 5 $ and the only thing you have to do is look around in the shops and use your imagination.

If a kid loves to play with a ball, you can for instance buy an inflatable football. Nowadays you find them in giant size, which are fun to use at the beach or at parties.

When you have more than one kid, and they love to play in the bath tub, why not buy them a set of bathketball? This is a set of bath basketball ideal for 2 players.

Another great gift is a book. There are lots of nice books for children with pictures, and sometimes with figures they can color. If the child can’t yet read, the time spent with mum or dad (or with one of the grandparents) is an extra nice moment for all of them. Especially when the said adult is good at reading aloud (and can perhaps make up some stories himself or herself) the children will get thrilled with the story – perhaps they’ll play it out the following day – and they’ll love this special time with the loved one.

If your kid has a great voice and likes to sing songs, why not make a recording of one song, and then present it as a gift? Or you can you take a picture of their favorite pet (or doll, or whatever) and frame it. Photo frames can be found under 5 $ as well, and it won’t cost you much to print out the photo and place it in the frame. Wrap it up in a colorful paper and the kid will love it!

When your kid loves pets, you can perhaps buy something related to their pet. A toy for the dog or cat, perhaps.

What I also consider to be a great gift, is when you give the child a (small) sum of money per week. Not too much, so that they won’t be tempted to spend it on candy only, but teach them to save up for something special. Perhaps they can save their one or two dollar a week to buy Barbie a new dress, or that book (CD, film, …) they so love to have, perhaps even their own bike. This will teach them to save up money. They’ll learn that they can’t take something for granted; that in real life you need money before you can buy something. When they have enough at last, they’ll feel like they really earned this new toy.


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