Children’s Skin Care Products


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Parenting, Skin Care
Published on 01-07-2009

You should take care of your child’s delicate skin from the time they are born. As your children grow older, teach them how to care for and protect their skin throughout life. Babies, children and adults all need to protect their skin from the dangers of the sun. Use sunscreen specifically designed for babies (and later children) to ensure the proper level of sun exposure protection.

Your child’s skin is most sensitive when he or she is a baby. An assortment of skin care products are not necessary. You should primarily use baby bath, baby shampoo and baby lotion or oil. Other products are not necessary for general skin care. Baby lotions or moisturizers can be used if your baby has very dry skin or is prone to outbreaks of dry skin.

It is important to only use skin care products that are specifically designed for babies. Adult skin care products including soaps and moisturizing lotions can be too harsh for your baby’s skin. Search for fragrance free and non-hypoallergenic skin care products. Two well known companies offering popular baby skin care products are Aveeno and Johnson & Johnson. There are countless companies offering skin care products for babies. Many natural skin care products are also available. Shop around to find the products best suited for your child.

Babies and young children do not need many skin care products. Your primary concern should be ensuring that they do not develop dry skin and that they always have sunscreen when heading outdoors. If your little one appears to have a skin condition (such as Eczema), you should consult with their pediatrician or a pediatric dermatologist. They can determine if your child needs over-the-counter or prescription skin care products. Do not use any non-prescription antibiotic ointments and other creams without first talking to your child’s doctor.

Read the ingredients when purchasing skin care products for children. If your children are still using baby products, you should not need to worry as much. However, if you have older children who are starting to use more specialized skin care products, make certain they do not contain food based products if your child has a food allergy. For instance, components of nuts are found in some skin care items.

Use tear free soaps and shampoos for bath time of your baby and little children. Use caution when using bubble bath. Do not use regular bubble bath for a baby or young child. The scents and ingredients for babble bath can cause urinary tract and yeast infections in females. Only use products that state they are sensitive and safe for children of any age.

Consider natural skin care products for your children. These products do not have toxic ingredients or irritants. They are ideal for kids especially those with extremely sensitive skin. Products that are made with goat milk are becoming increasingly popular. The goat milk based products will not dry out your baby or child’s skin and should work well for children who’s skin is highly sensitive.

Carefully shop for the safest skin care products for your baby or child. If you are not sure which products are the best for your child, ask their physician for advice. You can also check out Safemama’s cheat sheet for a comparison list of safe skin care products.


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