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Choose a Topic and be Consistent for Better Dissertation Writing

  • By Jason Bacot
  • Published 10/28/2010
  • Writing

No one can deny the fact that dissertation writing is not a simple task. There are so many strings attached to the whole process that it is easy for a student to get confused. However, it is also worth mentioning that if you adopt a disciplined and well-organized approach, you are sure to get good results. When you talk about dissertation writing, you have to deal with two most important issues. The first issue is to select the right topic and the other issue is to remain consistent. Here’s a little more about these two issues. Selecting a Topic: Whether you want to write a simple research paper, college essay, or dissertation, the first important step is to select a correct topic. Failing to select the right topic will make you spend a lot of time in completing your dissertation. This is why it is recommended to take as much time as possible to choose a topic. The correct topic makes it easier for you to collect and organize data. At the time of selecting a topic, don’t forget to keep a few important points in mind. 1. Always try to find a topic of your interest and don’t select a topic just to create a good impact on your instructor. It is not the topic itself but the way you conduct your research that will help you impress your instructor.

2. Always keep in mind that se

lecting too broad of a topic is not a good idea. Your dissertation asks you to do in depth research about a specific topic, and if it is too broad, you will never find a way to conclude it in the right way. 3. Always select an interesting topic, so you don’t have to do a lot to keep yourself motivated. Consistency: Once you are done finding the best topic for your dissertation, the next step is to actually get started. Again, it is not easy to start writing a dissertation, as there will be several questions about where to start, what to write, and how to proceed. In a dissertation, you can start writing from any chapter. If you have selected the right topic, there will be sufficient resources to collect data and information from. You can organize this information before doing anything else. But as you do it, you will find yourself dealing with the issue of consistency. In dissertation writing, one of the most important factors that help you complete your writing in a professional way is your consistency. Always make sure you write something, even a couple of paragraphs on a daily basis. Don’t skip a day and keep doing more research. Once you do all these things correctly, you are sure to simplify the task of dissertation writing.

The bottom line is that if you manage to choose a right topic and work on your dissertation on daily basis, you will soon have a professionally written piece in front of you.



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