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Choose the fashion pants for your wonderful boots

  • By cherry luice
  • Published 04/12/2011
  • Article Writing

For the wonderful capability to keep warm, boots have undoubtedly become the popular single products in this season. After selecting the favorite boots, you should ultimately match them with the various types of slim boots pants. Take the following matching styles; you will surely become the most stylish pots in this season. 1.    Harem pants & black boots Harem narrow-legs pants are a product of the neutral trend. And they are in the hot demand in every season of 2010. If it is matched with the sharp-head black ankle boots of bandage, the taste of punk will quite strong. Upper body may choose to loose T-shirt, sweater is also ok. If you want to create the casual look, the wool hats will make you looked nicer. You’d better choose a bright color to break the boring between the black and white. 2.    Washed Jeans & bandage boots This matching style also goes the stylish route. Jeans has always been the first choice! If you wear it with a loose white shirt, casual style will greatly reflect. Add with an eye-catching yellow wool hat which will be the highlight of the whole body. 3.    Jeans & brown knee boots The knee boots of brown are suitable for the young ladies because they are both stylish and warm. Slim jeans are undoubtedly the best choice to match the knee boots. The patterns of the jeans which have been dealt by the olden technology are quite special and you can just have a try. 4.    Wide crotch pants & ankle boots Wide crotch pants pop up pants again, like going back to the trend of decade ago. Match the wide crotch pant with the sportswear jacket, you will be very casual. The colors of the boots are free for you. You can choose black, brown or gray. They will always look nice.



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