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Choose the right jewelry to complete the perfect outfits

  • By Richard M. Duncan jimlady
  • Published 03/27/2011
  • Poetry

For the effect of icing on the cakes, jewelry for a perfect outfit is always required by women who are fashion-conscious and beauty-targeted. The stunningly gorgeous jewelry with varied designs and patterns straightly meet the needs of female friends. Among the pieces of kinds of jewelry, necklaces, as the name implies, are worn in the most conspicuous and impressible position of women-the neck. Dresses of low cut including the V-neck and round neck especially call for a suitable necklace. Necklaces of V-shaped or Y-shaped lariat’s can elongate the appearance of the wearers, while choker necklaces or those who stay on the collar bone will minimize the height. Referring to the jewelry on the wrist, bracelets will quickly float before our eyes. There are also various kinds of bracelets with different length and different materials available in the market. And different bracelets suit to different people of different body shapes. Women who are tall or full figured look best wearing several bracelets at once. Petite women look best in delicate bracelets, and average-sized women look great with wide bracelets. Turning to the jewelry on the face area, earrings are the shiny decorations all the time. No matter it is an ear stud or an eardrop, it can enhance the make-up works with much more charm and flashing beauty all the times. Round faces should avoid the hoops or button-shaped earrings while rectangular faces need to avoid long dangling earrings. Round or hoop-shaped earrings are for those with a square face and triangular shape especially for heart shaped faces. Naturally, people with oval faces can wear any type of earring to enhance their appearance. Although jewelry can enhance one’s beauty and charm, getting the appropriate way to pick the right styles is the important step to The author honestly recommend you to use the best cheap Alexander Wang handbags distributed by good vendor.



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