Choose to Go With Organic Weed Killers


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Weeds are one of the worst nightmares in your garden. Just think about all those unwanted grass growing unsightly side by side those beautiful flowers and those vegetation. What’s even more frustrating is that these weeds do not easily die if you pull them out. What merely happens is that you simply pull out the leaves and yet the roots still get stuck in them and so it remains there. Even if you have managed to get a hold of the leaves, eventually the weed will grow back. So to solve this dilemma, what most people do is just to use all those fancy chemical killers. But little did you know that they would actually be nothing more than an added problem.

But these days, you no longer have to stick around with that. You can opt to use organic weed killers instead of the chemical ones. Some people tend to think that using the latter is not that practical because it’s hard to do and all that stuff. But the thing is, organic weed killers are easy to concoct and always safe to use. With them, you no longer have to worry about negative effects upon direct exposure on the chemicals. When it comes to organic weed killer, you should know that it does not simply involve pouring liquids over the weeds as you expect them to die within the next few hours. Organic weed killers are also known to be a range of natural methods in which weeds can finally be weeded out.

For starters, you can use mulch as an organic weed killer. Mulch is a surface layer which you add on top of the weeds. This kills the latter by suppressing light from reaching the weeds. In this way, photosynthesis is hampered and thus the weeds become malnourished. In the end, they just die because they cannot produce enough food to sustain their own growth. Another variation of this is sheet mulch which can also cover a larger expanse.

You can also use organic weed killer methods in coordination with various gardening tools. The trick here is to simply learn how to use them properly. You will be surprised with just how much a trowel can cause you to save all those lovely flowers and vegetation off from weeds. It actually helps if you clump them closer rather than leave them with gaps. You can also use your spade in order to lift up those tap roots and completely skim out the weeds growing beneath the earth. In this way, you can prevent the weeds from trying to grow. Digging is an essential way in which you can make sure that you put your plants as far away from the weeds as possible.

Aside from these methods, there are also some homemade organic weed killers which you can try crafting up for yourself. However, you should refrain from being too bold and resorting to trying out new mixes because you never know what it can do to your precious garden. It’ll be good to do some research and use classic organic weed killer recipes to make sure that you are on the right track.


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