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Choose your man a mechanical watch as christmas gift

  • By Nicole White
  • Published 01/13/2011
  • Article Writing

Hey, ladies! 2010 Christmas Day is around the corner! Have you got preparation to find a nice gift for your man to show your eternal and sincere love? If not, it is time for you to think about it. There are a lot of gifts available for selection. For example, you can buy him a designer suit, a necktie, a pair of cufflinks or a stylish watch. If I were you, I will choose my man a mechanical watch which is decorative as well as practical. Different from women who are passionate on jewelry, men have a unique love on watches, especially those mechanical models of superb quality, ultimate sophistication and immaculate functions. That is men’s instinct. Suppose you are wealthy enough, it is perfect to buy him a designer watch. If you are a person who lives on monthly salary, then you can consider a watch of the second-line brand, just like the Senaro Men’s All Black Ceramic Watch I am about to introduce below. It is a full black ceramic version featuring round watch case, incorporated by classic-pattern bezel. The black dial is accented by antique Roman numeral hour markers with spotted crystal embellished, central hour, minute and second hands. At the right hand side, there comes the screw-in watch crown for time adjustment. It is faced with a durable and scratched sapphire crystal glass and is completed with a ceramic bracelet and deployment buckle for easy attachment. In order to ensure the accurate timing and excellent performance, it is powered by high quality quartz movement. 30-meter water resistance makes it available to be worn at usual water actions like hands washing, showering and swimming. The original price for this splendid watch is $80.39, but now it is on promotion with a preferable price of $70.39. Seen from any perspective, it is a nice option for someone you love as a Christmas gift. nopicture-6349599

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by Nicole White



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