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Choosing a Good Nursing Care Home A Guide

  • By Lily Bailey
  • Published 10/3/2012

You can find the reference of a good nursing care home from friends or relatives. However, there can be no alternative of hands-on experience. There are many factors that act as the basis of choice of a good nursing care home.

You can discover whether a nursing care home (your friends or relatives have suggested you) is ideal or not by visiting the place in person. Compare the quality of the nursing care homes you are considering by taking into account the following points.

The manner in which the reception staff receives you matters a lot. They should have a courteous and welcoming attitude.

The behind-the-scenes areas of a nursing care home are the staff room, kitchen, laundry room and the public bathrooms. You must inspect these areas to ensure whether hygiene and order are maintained properly or not.

The condition of these areas will serve as an impression of the standards followed by the nursing care home. Some residential nursing homes present a superficial appearance of high-grade hygiene in order to hide their irregularities.

Notice how the staff of the nursing care home responds to the residents’ requirements. Do not limit your conversation with the administrator of the nursing care home only. Talk to the staff members.

The nursing care home administrator is expected to give an impeccable speech and pleasing answers to your questions regarding the standard of the home’s facilities. Talking to the nurses, kitchen staff and other staff members can help you form a better opinion.

Visit the cafeteria of the nursing care home and have a meal there. Speak to the residents of the nursing care home at the cafeteria. This is a great way to fulfil two important tasks and they are checking the quality of the food and knowing whether the residents are satisfied with the facilities.

A nursing care home offers various activities. It is important to attend each of them to test their quality. At first, you should check the attendance levels of the scheduled activities. This will help you to see whether there are any activities suitable for you and also the number of nursing care home residents interested to attend the activities.

You can visit the nursing care homes frequently. Visit the place on a weekday or two and follow this up with a visit at the weekends. You will be able to examine the functioning of the home on a broader aspect.

Visiting the home during day time and again in the evening will allow you to gauge the sincerity and efficiency with which every professional at different timing works in the nursing care home.

Whether a nursing care home can be considered perfect or not is a matter of personal choice and experience. That is why it is important to visit the nursing care home in person for evaluation before making the final decision.

When you visit a nursing care home to achieve a hands-on experience regarding the facilities, activities and their standards, you should take into consideration the aforementioned points.

Author Bio: Lily writes predominantly for the health and social care industry with a specialisation in elder care. She provides information regarding the way for choosing nursing care homes.


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