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Choosing a Telephone System for Business

  • By Steven Hays
  • Published 08/2/2012

Choosing a business telephone system may be one of the most significant purchasing decisions that a small business has to make. No matter what the size of the business, the telephone system is undoubtedly one of the most important equipment that a business requires for running operations smoothly. The telephone is the easiest way of communicating with vendors, customers and partners and this should also be the easiest way for them to communicate with you.

The telephone is the convenient medium for you to keep in contact with the rest of the world. With an efficient telephone system in place, your callers wouldn’t have to face problems such as disconnections, incorrectly routed calls or a bewildered array of the automated options.

Different businesses have different requirements and the requirements also change and/or grow with the expansion of the business. When choosing a telephone system for your business, you will have to consider different factors and assess the different options. The telephone system must have the capacity for handling the current volume of calls of your business while also leaving room for growth in the call volume in future.

You will also have to make sure the telephone system is compatible with the existing system in your organisation and has features that you require such as conferencing, voicemail, music on hold, and so on.

Small businesses have fewer needs compared to the large businesses. That is why the business telephone systems for small businesses have lesser “bells and whistles” than the telephone systems for larger corporations. However, the telephone system for the small businesses must provide the core features that are essential for your business.

You would need to make sure that the vendor you choose can provide the support that you require to have your business telephone system up and running without interruptions.

Determining the size of the office phone system: When purchasing an office telephone system, your primary concerns should be find a telephone system that is the right size for you business.

You will have to determine what your requirements are and also get to know more about the size restraints of the telephone system. This way you will be able to negotiate a lot better with the vendors. There are two primary factors that will help you determine the size of the telephone system that you should get:

Lines: Lines are also termed as trunks and lines indicate the total number of the external phone lines that are used by the company.

Extensions: Extensions are required for every device within the firm that connects to the telephone system. Most of these extensions will be for the telephones. However, other devices such as the credit card terminals, fax machines, modems and/or any other equipment that takes a phone connection should also be tallied.

In the key systems, the system size is generally indicated as the combination of extensions and lines. For instance, the 12×36 systems can accommodate up to 12 lines and 36 extensions. But a PBX system defines the size based on “ports”, which show the maximum number of telephone connections that can be made.

Author Bio: Steven Hayes is a copywriter specialising in blog posts and articles on the electronics and communications industry. He provides tips and suggestions for choosing the right business telephone systems for your organisation.



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