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Choosing POS Display for Increasing Sales Effectively

  • By Steven Hayes
  • Published 08/3/2012

Competition in the retail sector is increasing everyday as more and more merchandise stores are opening. To stay ahead in this tough competition, the retail businesses have to come up with different strategies to increase sales effectively. The point of sale display is one of the strategies that play a significant role in the present retail market.

The present situation demands a lot more than just creating advertisements and promoting products. Retailers now have to dig deep into the potential of strategic merchandising displays.

What is point of sale display? To say simply, point of sale refers to displays that are used for advertising or selling products directly near or at the point of sale. Point of sale is the area in a retail store where the transactions occur. The cash register where you go to make the purchase of the products is known as point of sale.

Typically, by the time consumers reach the point of sale area, they have already made up their minds about what to buy. But as far as the point of sale displays are concerned, they take advantage of the fact that shoppers often make impulse purchases when waiting in the line for their transaction.

Impulse purchase or impulse buying is when you make a purchase without planning it. It happens quite often that you have already decided what to buy and you are done shopping, but in the end you end up buying a few things that you hadn’t planned on buying, yet you buy them simply because they were on display.

As far as the statistics go, it is observed that around 60% of the female consumers make impulse purchases every year. However, other people are also inclined to make impulse purchases and that creates an impressive sales opportunity for the retail business owners.

Keeping that in mind, the retail owners have understood the importance of making the point of sale area more attractive using POS display stands with different merchandise so that drawing customers become a lot easier.

When it comes to the display stands for the point of sale area, there are numerous display stands available. When choosing the display stands, you will have to bear in mind that it must fit your business needs and requirements. You must be sure of the purpose of using the displays as well.

You may consider using attractive banners with eye catching graphics to advertise some particular product or offer in your store. These types of display tools are found near the sales counter for promoting products and making them stand out. These are generally quite effective in motivating the customers to make a purchase.

Pop up exhibition display stands can also be used when advertising a product. You may think about placing a pop up display at the back of your counter. That will create a nice background and serve the purpose of promoting the product.

Shelves, rotating display racks, and so on can also be used for displaying different items or products. Piling up products that are on offer is a good idea for drawing customers’ attention and finally making them buy the products.



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