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Choosing The Right Frames for Your Photographs

Whether you want to display precious family photographs or your child’s artwork, the right photo frame can add to the beauty of the picture. The question is – how do you choose a particular photo frame? If this question is bothering you, here are a few handy tips that could be of help.

Size: It is a good idea to measure the artwork before you go shopping for photo frames. This would ensure that the frame is neither too big nor too small for the photograph. Guesswork is not a good idea when you are shopping for frames; the wrong sized frame would just be a waste of your money.

Shape: Rectangle, square, round, oval, heart, diamond – you sure have a lot of options when choosing the shape of the frame. The type of photograph you want to encase in the frame is of considerable importance in this regard. While a heart-shaped frame is suitable for an engagement photo, it may not be appropriate for your graduation party photo.

Stand: Determine whether you want to hang the picture on a wall or keep it on a shelf. This would be an important factor when choosing photo frames. This would help you choose the accessories to place the photo as well. It is better to consider the exact place where you want to keep the photograph.

Material: Wooden frames are sturdy, fibre frames are lightweight, metal frames are durable – different materials have different attributes. If you are looking for a frame to keep a precious picture, a wooden frame would be proper. If you are looking for cheap photo frames, plastic frames can be a good choice.

Mount: The layers of the mount and the width and colour add an extra dimension to your photograph. Depending on the type of picture you want to frame and the visual effect you want to create, you need to choose the mount for the photo. Mounts help accentuate a photo and enhance its versatility.

Matting: Whether you want to have a single photo in a frame or a number of photos, choosing the right matting is an important consideration. The fit, size, shade and texture of matting play a significant role in the final product. Whether you want single windows or multiple windows, choose the matting carefully to create the right balance.

Colour: Whether you want an ornate wooden frame or a sleek fibre one, keep in mind that the right coloured frame can offset the photograph. In most cases, neutral colours like white, ivory, black and grey are good choices as they do not affect the colour of the photograph itself.

Cover: Glass is the popular material used for frames. However, glass is prone to scratches and breakage. It is due to this reason that scratch-resistant acrylic is the popular choice nowadays. If it is a valuable photograph, and you want the frame to be durable, acrylic covering may be a good choice.

Cost: It is possible to find good deals from gift shops, departmental stores or online stores. The cost depends on the product you choose. Personalised photo frames may be a little more expensive than ordinary frames. However, you may also be able to find such frames at discount rates from online stores.

Author Bio

Chloe Evans is the editor of a home décor magazine. She provides tips and suggestions regarding the choice of personalised photo frames.


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