Choosing the Right Lipstick Shade for Your Complexion

All of us have gone to the store and spent money on a lipstick which we then proceeded to throw away. Money wasted because the color just didn’t look as glamorous as you thought. The fact is that a shade that works for one woman will not work for another. The trick is to look for shades in the color spectrum we wish to wear that match our complexion best. Here are some basic rules to stick to so this doesn’t happen.

Choosing the right lipstick for your complexion starts with defining what skin tone you have; fair, medium, or dark. Many women don’t correctly classify their complexions, usually going too dark or too pale. Fair skin tones are pinkish, translucent or very white. Medium skin tones are yellower, golden tanned or olive. Dark skin tones are very tan or black.

The right lipstick can be found in any color of your choosing no matter your complexion. Many women think red is a color they cannot wear when in fact they can. If you are light, choose bright cherry reds. If you are medium, opt for a warmer fire engine red. If you are dark, choose a deeper burgundy red.

To choose the right lipstick for your complexion, never forget that key rule; bright for fair skin, warm for medium skin, and deep for dark skin. No matter the color, look at the choices and choose depending on where your skin tone falls.

When looking for a more natural lipstick shade to wear in the daytime or for the office, the right lipstick should be about 2 shades darker than your own natural lip color. To find this, try the lipstick on one lip, and compare it to the bare one. You will be able to tell whether it is too dark or too light. Watch out that it doesn’t make your lips disappear! A big mistake is having the color of your lips matching the color of your skin. The right lipstick for your complexion should add a bit of color.

Buying the right lipstick can also be done at the drugstore without having to try it on. Just trust the color on the packaging. Hold it up next to your lips and look in the mirror to determine if the color makes you look washed out, is too bright, or just right. Another good tip is to check it next to a window, because sunlight brings out the “true” color that fluorescent lighting might not.

Always remember that the right lipstick for your complexion will look good even when you are not wearing any other makeup. Don’t try and match your eye shadow to your lipstick, or your hair, clothes, or eyes for that matter. Make your lips speak for themselves.

If you have fine lips, choose a lipstick that has gloss or shine. This gives your lips the illusion of fullness. Choosing a matte color can make them look thinner. However, if you find a matte lipstick shade that is perfect for your complexion, go ahead and wear it with a bit of gloss on top.

Also, don’t throw away lipstick shades that haven’t worked for you. Mix and match! This can save you some money, and you might conjure up a color that looks great without having to spend more.


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