Choosing the Right Makeup Brush

Whether it’s your first time at a makeup counter, or you’ve been using the same makeup brushes for years, you may be wondering which brush is the right brush for you. The truth is that no one makeup brush will do the job. Women need different makeup brushes for just about every different type of makeup there is. There are eyeliner brushes, foundation brushes, and of course, the omnipresent blush brush. But for every different type of makeup brush, there are still tons of brushes to choose from. So how do you know which makeup brush you should be using, and what type of makeup to use it for? Here we break it down for you so you can always choose the right makeup brush!

Many women think that their fingertips or sponges are the best option for applying foundation. Truthfully, using your fingers can pull at your skin, which causes wrinkles. And sponges aren’t precise enough to give you the coverage you need. A wide, stiff, and densely packed brush is the best solution for applying your foundation. In order to make sure you’re reaching every crevice, choose a foundation brush that has about ½” width and that also has a slight angle to it.

Using powder requires a much bigger brush. This will help to cover large areas all at once, giving you even coverage. The most important thing about a powder brush is the bristles. The bristles should be securely fastened into the handle of the brush. You can test this by running your hand across the top of the bristles. The bristles of the brush should remain on the brush and not fall out. If the bristles do fall out, it’s time to get a new powder brush!

Many women simply use the blush brush that comes inside the blush package. However, these brushes are far too small to provide the desired look. When applying blush, it should be in one sweeping motion and these small brushes simply won’t do it. A proper blush brush should be quite large, but with a short handle because the blush is applied in such a small area of the face. The brush should also be slightly angled, so that the blush can be applied at an upwards angle.

Eyeshadow also usually comes with a soft sponge brush. This brush is great for applying the eyeshadow inside the crease of the eyelids. However, to apply the base color of the eyeshadow, only a brush should be used. This is because it will help cover the entire lid, and will stop the eyeshadow from clumping or from missing spots, such as the inner corner of the eye.

An eyeliner brush is also an essential part of every woman’s makeup bag. These brushes can help to precisely apply the eyeliner and make it look more natural. Eyeliner brushes need to be stiff so that they can apply the eyeliner exactly where you want it. The brush should also be angled so that it can reach just underneath the lower lid.

The lipstick brush is the last brush that should be part of every makeup kit. Some women are content just to apply their lipstick with the tube it comes in. But using a brush can help with proper application and can also be used to blend lip liner into the lipstick, giving a more natural look.

Makeup is expensive and the cost of brushes can add up pretty quickly too. But making the investment into the right brushes can actually help with the cost of always replacing older brushes. Plus, using the right brush will also help women get a beautiful and natural look!


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