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Choosing the Right Press Release Style for Your Business

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 07/23/2010
  • Article Writing

If you have a buy and sell business or offer professional services, the advanced technology that we have today allows you to reach more prospect buyers and customers through various forms of media. Aside from distributing leaflets and brochures as advertising materials, you can now make use of the power of the Internet to spread awareness on your new business. Going online gives you a lot of advantage over your competitors because you will be able to advertise your products and services to the tech savvy people who are glued to their computers most of the time. These are the people who hardly watch television anymore or listen to the radio or even go out of their homes, thus they do not have the chance to see the television or radio ads that you might have or see your billboards and posters that have been strategically placed all around the city. You can either put up your own website for your business or use Internet Ads and press releases to make sure that the public will get to see what you have to offer. The more effective of the two methods is the ad, which allows you to put more details about the nature of your business for the information of prospect clients.

The first thing to do if you plan to use them as a form of promotion for your business is to choose the press release style that best suits the products that you are selling or the kind of serv

ices that you are offering. Depending on the kind of impact that you want on the general public, you may choose a press release style in either straight news or feature format. The straight news format is more direct to the point and has a serious tone. It goes straight to the details and directly gives the relevant news about your business. This style of ad is ideal to use if your business has already been established. Basically you would want to tell your customers and the public in general about your achievements and the new developments that will benefit them. The feature type press release style has a lighter approach yet it also presents everything that the target clients must know about the products and services. It is a more enjoyable read and at the same time very informative. Most importantly, it is presented in a way that the readers will be enticed to buy your products or avail of your services.

It is highly recommended that you use any style to boost your sales and promote your new products and services. The increase in site visits is guaranteed, which translates to increased sales turnout in the long run. Just make sure that they are well-written to avoid any misconceptions by the readers and false information. It is best if you let professionals handle them because they have the proper knowledge in this kind of advertising. Just give them clear instructions as to what details you would like to include and they will surely do a great job for your business.



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