Choosing the Right Wedding Flowers for You

If you have a partner like I do who periodically brings you flowers, you might like this idea. Why not start drying those roses.

It’s your big day and you have been dreaming about this forever. You want to have your flowers symbolize you and how you are feeling on your special day. Picking the right flowers takes some time and careful thought. You need to decide – fresh, silk or perhaps dried flowers.

I attended a wedding where the bride had saved & dried all the roses her fiancée had given her over their engagement. She took the roses to her florist & had them make her bouquet up, along with a bit of greenery, into a meaningful & gorgeous keepsake.

This theme was extended to the table settings & even in the ladies bathroom down the hall from where the dinner & dance were being held. The bride did not have enough of her own roses for the tables, so she picked up lovely bunches of dried roses from her local craft store. This girl was definitely a planner.

The time of year is also important in the cost you may pay for your flowers. If you have a real desire to have a certain type of flower for your wedding, consider when it is in season. This really cuts down on cost if it does not need to be imported in from another country. If you want tulips, perhaps consider a spring wedding when they will be in abundance. The more local the supply, the less the cost of the flower is likely to be.

Call around to different florists to see what kind of pricing you can get. Best advice is perhaps to talk to your friends or someone who has recently been married to see which florist they used & were they pleased with the service and quality of flowers they received. If they used real flowers, did they stand the test of time? Hopefully they did not wilt before the end of your day. Where they delivered on time and in good condition?

The best advice with anything is to plan ahead. Check out the many options available & do what is right for you.

Have a great wedding day.


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