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Christmas decorating for a wonderful party

  • By Means Elizabeth L
  • Published 03/15/2011
  • Fiction

To take part in a Christmas party is something exciting! People sing and dance in such a happy party. Christmas  decorations play a key role in different parties of Christmas. The  decorations create atmospheres. Thus, decoration is essential before the  beginning of the party. How to decorate? Well,  the first thing you have to prepare is surely a Christmas tree. A big  tree is suitable for a party of 30 to 40 persons. A small tree is  suitable for a party of 10 to 15 persons. The tree can be put in the  center if it is big enough. And if it is small, you can put it in the  corner.  

Then  you have to buy different ornaments such as bells, stars, lights etc.  These should be divided into two parts: one for the tree and one for the  whole house. You should hang some rings and lights on the tree and of  course a star on the top of the tree. It will look attractive with these  ornaments. After that, hang the bells and stockings on the wall. The  windowsills need decoration too. You can draw some lovely patterns on  it. The colors of white and

red must be used for drawing these patterns.  You can draw animals, trees, bells, stockings, turkeys and other  interesting patterns as you like! They should be colorful.  Then  it is time to choose the party table, dishes and tableware. The table  must be beautiful. And it must be large enough for you to put all the  food and drinks. It is much better if the table has lovely patterns. If  not, you have to decorate the table. You should arrange flowers, such as  white and red roses for it. Then put a fancy white tablecloth on it.  Silverware and beautiful dishes are also necessary. Remember to buy some  candles!  After  that, you have to choose some LED lights for decorations. These lights  are durable and energy-efficient. Choose some lights with beautiful  colors and designs. If the lights look simple, you can buy some ribbons  to hang around it. Of course the ribbons should also be used for the  decoration of the trees and walls.  There  are many other ornaments for you to buy in the market. Yet these are  essential. The party will be more enjoyable with these ornaments and  settings.   



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