Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers


Authored by Mary Lamphere in Gifts
Published on 12-13-2009

Gone are the days when students just give their teacher an apple as a Christmas gift.  Today’s teachers enjoy Christmas gifts that are everything from digital to dreamy.  Christmas gifts for teachers can be purchased as a class or on an individual basis depending on the parent/class involvement and budget.  Here are some great Christmas gift ideas for that special teacher in your life.

Digital Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Digital gifts are all the talk this holiday season!  While many digital gifts are a bit on the pricey side there are some inexpensive options that are perfect for individual students to purchase for teachers.  Teachers appreciate Christmas gifts that have a sentimental value and remind them of the student that gave them the gift.  Photo frames are the perfect answer to this!

Digital photo frames come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges so they are a great gift idea for teachers no matter what the student’s budget is.  Digital key chains can be purchased at retailers for under $5 and they offer the ability to place a small photo of the student into the key chain and then the student can record a personalized message for the teacher.  On a more elaborate note–larger digital photo frames (which typically cost about $100) can be purchased if all students in the class pitch in a sum of money toward the teacher’s Christmas gift.  Then a class photo can be place in the frame with a personalized message from the class recorded.  This takes some organizing on the part of the parents to assure that the entire class participates in donations and the message to the teacher.

Christmas Gift Baskets for Teachers

Gift baskets are another great option for teachers.  There are many options for gift baskets too so no two are ever the same!  Parents may opt to purchase a gift basket that is premade for the teacher or they can get creative and build a gift basket that is especially created for the special teacher.  There are even websites that offer hundreds of pre-made and filled gift baskets or even gift cards for gift baskets.

Another great option with gift baskets as a Christmas gift for teachers is to have each student bring in a particular (small) item to place in the basket.  One parent can coordinate the entire gift process and also buy a very large gift basket to hold all of the items.  Each student places one item into the basket to complete the gift.

Christmas Gifts Not to Give the Teacher

While there are some very thoughtful and creative gifts that teachers really do love, there is also an extensive list of gifts that teachers wish that they didn’t receive from their students for Christmas.  This list of gifts not to give the teacher for Christmas includes baked goods, “world’s best teacher” plaques (they already have enough of these), apples, or knick knacks that are to be placed on a shelf (and likely never looked at again).  Also on the list of items that teachers get tired of receiving is scented candles (unfortunately it seems that teachers receive enough scented candles each year at Christmas time to light the entire town!).


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