Christmas Gifts for Your Dog

Dog owners often consider their pooch a treasured member of their family. Getting Christmas gifts for your dog is a great way to include them in the holiday festivities.

Christmas Gifts for your Dog-Chew Toys

Dogs and puppies enjoy chewing on things. They chew on things we don’t want them chewing on, like our shoes. When you are looking at chew toys for your dog, here are some things to consider:

Size-Make sure the dog can’t swallow the toy or get choked on it. Chew toys should not have strings, tassels, buttons, or parts that can be chewed off and ingested. Stuffed animals are not good chew toys for dogs, because they can chew holes in them and ingest the filling.

Easy to clean-Dogs wrestle their chew toys all over the place. Choose a chew toy that can be easily cleaned if necessary.

Durability-Try to find a toy that will last the pup for more than a few days. There are durable rubber chew toys that let the dog get the enjoyment of chewing without you having to worry about tooth chipping or replacing the toy too often.

Get a few different chew toys for your dog, this way you can rotate them often so that the dog doesn’t get bored with it.

Christmas Gifts for your Dog-Fetch Toys

Many dogs love to fetch. A Frisbee, balls and sticks are common fetch toys that we associate with dogs. When purchasing a fetch toy for you pet, make sure it can’t be swallowed, and can’t splinter or break and injure the dog’s mouth.

Choose a fetch toy that goes with the personality of the dog. Some dogs enjoy the outdoors, water, or running long distances. If you are choosing a fetch toy to be used in water be sure that it floats. Pups that like running long distances will need fetch toys that the owner can easily throw for a long distance.

Christmas Gifts for your Dog-Tug Toys

Tug toys are a great way for you to interact with your dog. Choose tug toys that are strong and won’t hurt the dog’s teeth as they are being tugged on. Braided rope, links made of durable plastic, and tug sticks will make for a happy pup.

Christmas Gifts for your Dog-Practical Gifts

Practical gifts may not be as fun for the dog, but they are necessary sometimes. Some of the practical Christmas gifts you can buy your dog are grooming appointments, vet checkups, new bedding, or a new collar.

Christmas Gifts for your Dog-Christmas Stocking

You can use some of the gift ideas above to make your dog a great Christmas stocking. Add in some of their favorite dog treats and your dog will have will have a tail wagging time this Christmas.

Remember to choose Christmas gifts for your dog that are safe. If you want to make this Christmas really special for your loving pooch, give them a special Christmas dinner to enjoy while you are having your family Christmas dinner.


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