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Christmas promise, long life love

  • By Steven Hilbert
  • Published 06/12/2011
  • Writing for the Web

  This is not a love story. It is a story about love. It  was on the newspaper when he saw the watch again. How time flies! 50  years had passed since he saw it the last time. He never stopped finding  it during the 50 years. He was too old to remember too many things.  However, everything about her was still engraved in his mind and never  disappeared. When  the war came, he was going to marry her. They were surrounded by panic  instead of happiness because more and more men were conscripted into the  army. He could not escape the fate. God played a trick on them that the  day of parting was on Christmas Day when they had attended to hold  their wedding ceremony. 

It  was snowing heavily. He took out the watch. The Christmas gift became  the farewell gift. It was inexpensive and beautiful. The point was the  watch must fit for her. With its black leather band

and golden dial, the  watch looked small and exquisite. The mineral crystal dial window  shining under the moonlight just like her flashing eyes. He knew she  would like it because she was longing for such an elegant and stylish  design watch which could suit any occasion. He  told her that the watch would stay with her until he came back. The  sound of the watch was his fine-sounding words. He promised he would  come back and marry her. The  war was cruel and people were forced to leave their native places.  There was no doubt that they lost touch with each other. Many soldiers  were killed but he tried his best to keep alive because he owed her a  wedding and he promised to come back.  The war was over but he never found her again.  He  could make sure the watch was the one which he sent to her. She was  still waiting for him. He got on the train with nothing but the  newspaper to realize his promise… 


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