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Cinnamon helps to restrain the growth of tumor and cancer cells

Cinnamon has numerous benefits and so it widely researched in different parts of the globe. It is found in the research that cinnamon extract has the power to restrain the growth of tumor and cancer cells. In order to see that the cinnamon extracts are not damaging cells, researchers have also conducted cytotoxicity test in melanoma cell lines. Let’s discuss the treatment of tumor and cancer cells along with the recent research study and induced apoptosis of cancer cells with the extract of cinnamon bark.

  • Treatment of tumor cells with cinnamon extract

Various mechanisms are used in order to check the growth inhibition of tumor cells by the treatment of cinnamon. As per the scientific study it is found that up to 0.5 mg of cinnamon extract doesn’t encourage growth inhibition or any morphological change till 24 hours. Nevertheless, after 48 hours of treatment of cinnamon extract, the cells show major diminution in cell rise with reduced and shrank shapes. Moreover, after 72 hours of the treatment of cinnamon extract, the majority of the cells start floating in a united form by being separated from the plates.

  • Treatment of cancer cells with cinnamon extract

Cinnamon extracts also help to inhibit the growth of different types of cancer cells. Different types of cancers in human body can be cured with the help of cinnamon extracts like Cervical Cancer, Colon Cancer, etc.  After the treatment with cinnamon bark extract, the morphological change of every cell of cancer is checked under microscopic observation. The propagation and the feasibility of the cancel cells were also calculated with the help of cell viability assessment at specified points of time. The results revealed that cinnamon extracts reduce drastically the growth of cancer cells within 3 days.

  • Recent research study for cancer treatment with cinnamon

According to a recent research, it is found that the Phenolic compound present in the cinnamon bark helps to prohibit the development of cell cycle in hematologic cell lines. Cinnamon treatment in cancel cells just like the tumor cells does not induce inhibition of cell growth within 24 hours of time. However with the increase of time, a steady increase in early apoptotic population was observed.

By conducting experiment in more than a time period of 24 hours, it is found that the cinnamon extracts inhibited the proliferation rate of cancer cells in a dramatic manner in three types of cancer cells. But the experiment depends entirely on the dose of cinnamon extract. The higher the inclusion of cinnamon, the greater will be the decline in proliferation rate of cancer cells.

  • Experimenting induced apoptosis of cancer cells through cinnamon

Experiments are also carried out to find out whether the induced apoptosis of cancer cells through cinnamon extract is exaggerated with the change in the expression level of the genes associated with apoptosis. And it is found that with the significant increase of time under the treatment of cinnamon extract, there is an increase in mRNA expression. Besides protein levels of pro-apoptotic genes such as Bim, Bak, Bad, etc are also increased.

So from the experiments conducted by the researches, it can be inferred that the extracts of cinnamon plants encourage apoptosis in cancer treatment. You can consult with the doctor for cinnamon treatment if your acquaintances are suffering from cancer and can help them to reap the benefits of cinnamon by fighting cancer.

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