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Classic Clips Nicer Alternative to Paper Clips


Classic Clips Sample Card

The nice folks from Classic Clips sent me over a bunch of samples of their alternative to paper clips, simply called the Classic Clip.  As a clarification before we get started, these were definitely sent over free of charge but no extra considerations have been given for the review.


Classic Clips Installed in Order

The idea of the Classic Clip is that its a much cleaner, neater, and elegant alternative to paper clips and staples.  Not only are they easy to use, but they are also reusable.  The progression above shows how they are put on any stack of paper, the soft aluminum clips have lines in them that make it simple to fold over on the sheet of paper you are attaching them to. You just slip them over any corner, fold over the two dog ears, and then fold over the final pointed flap and your pages are all secure.


Classic Clip on Paper Stack

Once you have your Classic Clip secure on your papers, the front is a clean and neat looking accessory to your presentation.  These alternative to paper clips can even be imprinted with your choice of initials, designs, or corporate logos to give it that extra special touch.


Closer View of the Back of a Classic Clip

Here is a closer look at the back of a Classic Clip while in use.  As you can see, it latches onto your papers and puts a neat finishing touch on the pages while holding them together.


Classic Clip on Business Card

One of the interesting uses that was highlighted in the promotional materials is pictured above.  On my business card, the clip happens to cover a bit of the logo which isn’t a big deal, but on most business cards it adds a very nice decorative or branded touch.  The classic clips come in a ton of different colors and can hold up to 12 sheets of paper comfortably.  These are definitely an excellent option to spruce up any package of materials like a presentation, resume/cover letter package, or invitations to an event.  Check out the Classic Clips website for lots more detail on these cool little clips that are definitely a great alternative to traditional paper clips.

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