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Classic fashion matching styles in autumn and winter

  • By Murphy Beverly
  • Published 04/5/2011
  • Poetry

Typical fashion in every season is always dazzling. Only the classic styles which advocate the basic principle can really hold people’s hearts. There are several classic styles below and all of them are both classic and fashion. White shirt is definitely the single product that never faded pop. The classic matching in this season is to make the white shirts headlong into the skirts. Céline matches the silk white shirt with the high-waist black skirt, while Yves Saint Laurent mainly shows its religious temperament to add the taffeta white shirt to the wool half skirts, and the plastic collar brings the dramatic sense to the overall image. Knitted cardigan can well figure the good temperament of housewife. Rochas has returned to the 1970s: grass-green sweater with a mint green mini-dress and sandals with leopard are adding some modern flavors. Salvatore Ferragamo flagship greatly hits the hunting styles: turning a camel knit cardigan into a thin coat to be worn in the external of a gold silk shirt. Humble sweaters are trendy and well-recognized on the T-platforms this season. Designers still retains its simple nature. Stella McCartney makes its round neck gray sweater matched with the same color pencil pants, which greatly weakens the strength of strong women. Balenciaga sweaters are uniformly covered with printing which are completed by the digital arts. Dress can accompany women through every season. In fact, both its wear and functionality are second to none. White dress is very common seen in this season. Calvin Klein’s vest-style dress has the small bulges spots on the surface which are full of handmade feel. Loewe’s lace is actually carved leather. All these dresses are well-liked by the fabric and quality. Moderate-cutting trousers are coming back to the fashion world. They are neither the narrow-leg pants only prepared for thin people, nor the exaggerated pajamas, harem pants. Longs this season are highly-waist cut to elongate the proportion of visual and to liberate women’s legs. Chloé’s woolen trousers are full of the sense of rhythm likely to be added with air. The super stretch fabric of Gucci is stretching and scalability. The author strongly advise you to consider the best 2011 swimwear provided by reputable seller.



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