Classic Outdoor Children Games

Years ago, children actually found enjoyment in using their imagination. There wasn’t a need to spend $300 dollars in order to keep your child happy and popular. Kids were happy just being around other kids. Children used to run home and play games with their friends. Nowadays, kids run home to play with their Nintendo Wii. The following list is just some of the many outdoor games that kids used to enjoy playing.

Tag: Tag is a game that can be played by anyone. All you need is a couple of energetic kids and an empty space to play this game. The rules are simple and easy. One person is selected as ‘It’. The other members of the game run around in order to avoid being caught by ‘It’. If you were caught by ‘It’, you would then become a part of his/her clan. This method continues until there’s only one person left to be caught. This game is fun and a great way to get a child to exercise. The downside is that some children tend to fall while they are trying to run away from ‘It’.

Steal The Bacon: This game calls for an even number of players. Despite its name, no bacon is involved. Players are divided into two teams and then placed on opposing sides. The players are given a number to be identified as throughout the entire game. That number is shared by the opposing team. An object, this is known as ‘the bacon’, is placed in the middle of the two teams. The host of the game calls out a number and the member of each team with that number, runs to the middle and tries to steal ‘the bacon’. The object of the game is to steal ‘the bacon’ and bring it back to your team without being tagged. Sometimes the two people in the middle don’t take the chance to steal the bacon. When this hesitation occurs, the host normally calls another two people to the middle, so they can try to steal it instead.

Hide-and-seek: Hide-and-seek is a classic kids game played by all ages. One child is chosen as ‘It’. ‘It’ closes his/her eyes and counts to twenty. The other children scurry to find an intricate hiding place before ‘It’ finishes counting. Once ‘It’ finishes counting, he/she yells “Ready or not, here I come”. ‘It’ then goes on a crusade to find the hidden players. The game continues this method until all the players are found.

Duck, Duck, Goose: All players are seated in a circle facing one another. The ‘Head Duck’ walks around the circle patting the other players on the head. As the ‘Head Duck’ pats the players on the head, he/she yells ‘Duck’ with each pat. The ‘Head Duck’ pats the other players on their heads for as long as they want. When the ‘Head Duck’ is ready, they’ll pat one player on the head and say “GOOSE!” The chosen player then has to run after the ‘Head Duck’. If the ‘Head Duck’ reaches the goose’s seating place without being tagged, then they are safe. If the ‘goose’ fails to catch the ‘Head Duck’, they then will become the new ‘Head Duck’.

Mother May I: One person is designated as ‘mother’. If all the players are boys, then instead of ‘Mother May I’, it becomes ‘Father May I’. All of the other players are known as the ‘children’. The ‘children’ and the ‘mother’ are situated on opposing sides of the room. The children are lined up against the wall. Each child takes turns asking ‘mother’ if they can take a certain amount of steps forward. ‘Mother’ will either say “Yes, you may” or “No you may not”. During the game, the ‘children’ are asking ‘Mother’ if they can take either baby steps or giant steps towards her. ‘Mother’ can also give the ‘children’ her own instructions. The first ‘child’ that makes it to ‘Mother’s’ destination wins the game.

Red Light, Green Light (1, 2, 3) :
One person is designated as the ’stoplight’. The ’stoplight’ stands at the opposite side of the room. The other players are lined up against the wall while they wait for instructions from the ’stoplight’. The ’stoplight’ begins the game by shouting “RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT 1, 2, 3”. Players are required to freeze whenever the ’stoplight’ pauses on ‘red light’. Any player that doesn’t freeze on ‘red light’ is sent back to the starting line. The object of the game is to reach the ’stoplight’ first. Red light, Green light is a fast paced game that should be played in an open area.

These games are mainly played by children, but they can be played by anyone. These games are a great way to get your child active. If your child or children ever complain about being bored, you can always introduce them to these games. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also have the house to yourself for a few hours.


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