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Classical memory of elegant watches

  • By Tinker Mcdowell
  • Published 02/24/2011
  • Non-Fiction

Classic and modern seem to be contradictory literally, but they  actually exist in every woman’s dream and in every people’s mind at the  same time. Modern art set no limit to boundaries. All kinds of art forms  or art ideas can develop freely without constraint. Pursuing  Avant-garde art or reviewing classical art reflects two trends of art  movement. In the same way, watches decide to embrace to the classical  memory. Longines recreates three jewelry watches of the Art Deco  style, originally designed in 1917 or 1918, with an antique movement of  1970, reproducing round, long rectangular, and oval modeling. Classical  decoration is carved on the 18K platinum watchcase, which reminds us of  the past glorious art ages and touches our souls deeply. Assioma D  of Bvlgari is also inspired by past ages, an emotional recall of styles  in 1950s. D contains three meanings: Diva which means goddess, Donna  which means female, and Diamonds which means diamonds. These three  meanings integrating with each other symbolize the combination of  dignity, pureness and eternity. Chanel Premiere is a piece  saluting to the new page that Chanel opened twenty years ago in watch  industry. The gem-studded dial of Premiere takes from Paris Place  Vendome’s famous octagonal shape. The long chain bracelet is made of 194  pearls, available for the use of necklace and bracelet. In both ways  will make you look stunning and graceful. It is not new to combine  jewelries and watches together, which enables women to manage time  elegantly. When classic meets modern, the chemistry between them will  bring out the most fantastic jewelry timepiece. 



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