ClearEdits A Versatile Proofreading Software to Fix Your Writing Errors

When you finish a piece of writing, you would proofread to spot grammar or spelling mistakes. Sometimes, no matter how diligently you proofread, there will be errors that will escape your careful eye. You can overcome this problem by having someone else read your work and correct errors. If such an option is unavailable to you, then a proofreading software will come in handy.

One such software is ClearEdits. ClearEdits’ capabilities go beyond your word processing software’s built-in spelling and grammar checker. This software will help you locate and set right:

  • unnecessary words that detract the reader’s attention from the main points
  • overused and’s that extend the length of a sentence and make the sentence unclear
  • weak verbs that rob a piece of writing of punch. ClearEdits suggests stronger alternatives
  • use of `-ion’ words. For example: The application of the template will speed up your project will be changed to Applying the template will speed up your project
  • synonyms that are wrongly used. ClearEdits will suggest appropriate alternatives

If you use Microsoft Word or Outlook you can put ClearEdits to work for you. There is an integration feature for these two products.

If you are correcting a document with ClearEdits, you can pass the file to someone without the program to make the necessary changes. All the person has to do is download a free copy of ClearEdits Clean Up. This utility can read a marked up document with editing suggestions. This is especially useful for teachers who can mail suggested corrections to their students who can use the utility to make the necessary changes without having to buy ClearEdits.

To access Clean Up, you will have to fill an opt-in form at the developer’s website. The utility, however, doesn’t offer editing suggestions. For that you will have to purchase ClearEdits. Clean Up comes bundled with your main program. So, you don’t have to install it into your system. If you do, the main program stops working.

You can also customize ClearEdits to solve a particular type of writing problem. For example, you may not have a problem with weak verbs but tend to overuse `-ion’ in your writing. You can customize ClearEdits to focus on this shortcoming when checking your document. Also, you have the flexibility of checking only a part of the document for errors or set it to British spelling mode.

A major complaint you will have with ClearEdits is the absence of any extensive help with using the program. The site offers a blog though to help with your writing. The blog covers tips on punctuation usage, seeming synonyms (when to use historic and historical) and also how to identify sentence fragments, among others.

ClearEdits will certainly not replace a human editor. However, it will help you rectify glaring errors which may mar your important documents.


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