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Clipbook Magnetic Clipboard Review

Clipbook Magnetic Clipboard

The Clipbook is a pretty cool and innovative clipboard that I ran across back at the National Stationery Show this year, and the nice folks that make this here in the US were kind enough to send me a sample for this review.  There is a lot to this unique clipboard that isn’t immediately obvious at first glance so hopefully I’ll be able to properly highlight those things in the review below.  The Clipbook is available in several different colors and can also be customized so you can check out those other options over on the Clipbook website.

Clipbook Magnetic Clipboard With Pen and Feet

The first thing you will notice about the Clipbook from the two pictures above is that there are a few things you can attach to it to make it a little more functional for you.  At the top there is enough space left on the hinge so that you can easily attach a pen with a clip, and the bottom has additional rubber feet that you can buy that make it easier to stand up on smooth surfaces.

Clipbook Magnetic Clipboard Standing

Here in the next photo you can see how the Clipbook is able to be set up to view its contents at an angle with the rubber feet installed.  This is one of the many features that set it apart from a traditional clipboard.  Besides the rubber feet, its worth pointing out that the entire surface of the Clipbook is covered with a book cloth type material that comes in several colors.

Clipbook Magnetic Clipboard Paper Closure

By now you may be wondering how the Clipbook actually holds the paper in place that you see in the photos so far, so let me fill you in on that important and maybe obvious feature.  The top part that you see sticking up on the left hand side of that picture is about 1.25 inches wide and has two very strong magnets inside of it as does the adjacent side of the Clipbook.  This essentially replaces the metal or plastic hinged clip that you find on a traditional clipboard.  I found that putting up to 30 sheets of loose leaf paper in the hinge works really well and the magnets are more than strong enough to hold it in there.  The other not so obvious benefit of this magnetic hinge is that it allows the Clipbook to be stacked flat among other notebooks, papers, or other Clipbooks if you are multiple for an event or for your organization.

Clipbook Magnetic Clipboard Folded Over

The straight on view here shows that with the Clipbook cover rolled over the back you can still attach a pen with a clip at the top just as you can when its completely closed.  You do have to remove the pen when opening and closing the cover of the Clipbook though.  This is a minor inconvenience though in my opinion because unlike a traditional clipboard, having the functioning cover like this both keeps your papers private and hidden from prying eyes, but also keeps them from getting bent up edges from brushing up against other things.  You can easily slide the Clipbook into your bag without worrying about damaging your papers.

Clipbook Magnetic Clipboard Back Closed

Now you might think that the flip over cover of the Clipbook could get in the way and be a little annoying when its opened and folded over.  This is definitely not the case though because there is another magnet on the end of the flap that holds the flap to the back of the Clipbook when  you fold it over to the back side.  Also, because there are magnets on the backside of the Clipbook, the entire thing will also stick easily to your fridge or any other metal and magnetic surface.

Overall I think the Clipbook is a really great idea, and it makes the standard clipboard that we are all familiar with look like an antiquated and semi-functional tool.  Big thanks again to the creators of the Clipbook for sending over this sample for the review,  its definitely worth considering this clipboard alternative if you are in the market, so check out the Clipboard site and give it a shot, you won’t regret it.

©2015, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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