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Clutch bag and handbag, which do you prefer?

  • By Christine West
  • Published 12/10/2010
  • Article Writing

Bags for girls are as indispensable as rice for human beings. Though it is not that big, it always well interprets a girl¡¯s temperament. Therefore, it is quite necessary for us to choose a bag that suits us best. As we know, Clutch bag and handbag are two kinds of bags that are popular among the girls. Some girls like handbags. They think handbags best interpret their value of freedom and independence. Others fancy clutch bags. From their point of view, the clutch bag could be a symbol for a noble and mature fair lady. As for me, I prefer the clutch bag. And I¡¯d like to tell you the advantage and disadvantage of them on the basis of the comparison with the handbag. There are many merits you can find if you choose a clutch bag rather than a handbag. Firstly, the material of the clutch bag could be much better than the handbag. As we know, handbags are much bigger than clutch bags. Suppose these two kinds of bags were made by the same material, then the bigger the bag is, the more expensive the cost will be. In order to better compete with its opponent, most handbag manufacturers prefer cutting down the cost of the production rather them higher the price of their products. In this way, if one handbag and one clutch bag are of the same price, the quality of the handbag must be much better than the quality of the clutch bag. Secondly, clutch bags are more practical. Most of them are designed to be oblong and thin. This kind of simple design is more comfortable for girls to hold and it also brings girls a sense of nobleness. Therefore, you can put several necessary items you need, such as cash, credit cards and mirrors into your small clutch bag and go out for shopping without too much burden. Also, if you are invited to an evening dinner, the clutch bag will be your best choice. Thirdly, taking a clutch bag could ease your burden of your shoulder. Handbags are much bigger than clutch bags. Therefore, you may unconsciously put more things that are not quite necessary into it. To make matters worse, because of the special design of the handbag, most of the burden will be laid on only one side of your shoulder. This will be bad for the health of your shoulder if you keep using them for a long time. However, there are also some disadvantages when we use the clutch bag. Firstly, if we are going for a short journey, we may need a bigger bag with us. In this case, handbags will be a more rational choice. Secondly, it is easier for robbers to rob your clutch bag. So it is more dangerous when you go out with a clutch bag. Thirdly, it is a big torture for your hands to keep holding a clutch bag for a long time. After seeing the advantage and disadvantage of using a clutch bag, now could you make your own choice?


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