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Co2 car emissions

  • By Mike Kelley
  • Published 10/13/2009
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You are lucky if you have your own car but luckier if its greener and environmental friendly. With world all tensed towards crucial problem of global warming, government of United Kingdom has taken an important step against emission of carbon dioxide (CO2)-the primary global warming gas, to save the nature and encourage environmental friendly cars by enforcing new Co2 based UK car tax rates. These rules strictly deal with Co2 cars as it charges the owner with the tax according to the Co2 car emissions.Co2 based Car Tax

As per new Co2 based Car Tax rates applicable from year 2008, Car owners in various countries like UK and Ireland, now have to pay their Car Tax in accordance to amount of Co2 gas their cars emit. So, if your car is not environment friendly and emits a lot of gas, then it’s surely going to contaminate your pockets and rupture your financial budgets. Various bands have been created and car tax prices are applied depending in which band your car falls. These bands named as A, B, C and so on are function of Co2 car emission. Cars emitting up to 100g/km gas falls in band A whereas those between 101-120km/km in band B, from 121-150g/km in band C and so on. Cars falling in band A and B will be exempted from increased car tax while those belonging to all other bands have to suffer these increased car tax rates. So if you plan to buy new economical car, do calculate your new applicable car tax using car emissions calculator available online. New changes tend to discourage Co2 cars and encourage the use of greener cars. I

t can be seen that UK car tax now provides rewards for being environmental friendly.As every coin has two sides so is the case here, friends of the nature believes that the change will prove to be a boon to the earth, there are others who stand against this change. The wrath is mainly among those belonging to the middle class of the country who own old machines or big spacious models having larger engines. Larger is the size of the engine, more gas it will produce leading to extra burden on the pockets of the owner.To save our mother nature from the Co2 car emissions and ourselves from extra monetary overheads we need to reduce green house gas emissions in the best way we can. Co2 emission from the vehicle depends on various factors like quantity of fuel used, distance travelled by the vehicle, calorific value of the fuel used etc. Each one of us can contribute to reduce the Co2 emission by some very simple practices and hence can save the environment. Some simple tips are:    * Reduce Driving: Cut down car journey wherever possible. Walk over short distances or use bicycles. Also, encourage the use of public transport.    * Use High Efficiency Fuel: Promote vehicles using renewable and safer fuels having high calorific value. Try electric cars and bikes or fuels like LPG.    * Use of Hybrid Vehicles: Hybrid vehicles are environmental friendly inventions that work by capturing kinetic energy and use it to charge vehicle battery.    * Don’t Run Engine Unnecessarily: Switch off the engine when the vehicle is standing at traffic lights or else. nopicture-8042995

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by Mike Kelley



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