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Coach destination poppy nyc tote handbag for autumn

  • By almaLouie Louie
  • Published 12/27/2010
  • Sample Category

There  are various types of women’s handbags such as hobo, satchel and tote.  These various types of bags are carried by women for various occasions.  For them, a fashionable handbag is essential wherever they go. They like  fashionable handbags that are made by famous manufacturers such as  Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Coach and so on. Among these various well-known  bag manufacturers, Coach is one of the most popular one because of the  fashionable designs and low prices of the bags. One of the latest  women’s handbags this year is the Coach Destination Poppy NYC Tote. This  is a colorful bag which is suitable for women to carry in the romantic  season—autumn.     

The Coach Destination Poppy NYC Tote is an ideal option if a person is planning to buy a bag for vacation in autumn. The New York City  print design is very colorful. And this design is unique. It is very  impressive because of

the fabric in a rhapsody of blues and violets.  People won’t consider it as a leather bag at the first sight. As a  matter of fact, the texture leather swatches are very good materials for  a bag with such a design. They suit each other perfectly.    There  are zip pockets, cell phone, and multifunction pockets inside. How  about the size? Well, it is clear to see by seeing the data 16″(L) x 12  ¼” (H) x 4 ¾” (W). Whether it is large enough or not is unimportant. It  is unnecessary to carry many items for an autumn vacation.    

The  flat leather strap is very stylish. This is a fashionable handbag for  active females. It is impressive because of the good-looking and lovely  design as well as the low price at the same time. With just $300 a  person can own such a special tote. Isn’t that great? One of the reasons  why there are so many people like Coach is the low price of the bags.  Coach bags are cheaper than bags of other famous brands! 



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