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Coach kristin woven drawstring bag

  • By Julia Phillips
  • Published 11/16/2010
  • Screenplay

As a girl, I like bags as other girls do. But I am not that crazy about them. I don’t change them frequently. I usually buy a new one when there is a broken old one. But I like to carry different types of bags. I have bought different types such as shoulder bags, handbags, totes, satchel, and so on. After carrying them, I begin to realize which type is suitable for me to carry. So far, I have been carrying for about ten bags. But I don’t like all of them. I like a functional one, but not a good-looking one without functions. The one I like best now is the Coach Kristin Woven Drawstring¡ªa well-designed one with silver hardware. Let me have a brief introduction to it first. It is neat with the color white. It looks classic with woven leather. And it is large enough for me to carry my necessities with its dimension of 10 x 7 x 5? inches. What touches me is not only the design of it, but also the interior zip, cell phone and PDA pockets inside. I like to put everything organized in my bags. I don’t like the one that everything is in a mess in it as it comes without interior pockets. I need these pockets to put a mirror, a comb, a cell phone, a small notebook and tissue inside. And it is not an expensive one as I got it when it was on sale. I used to carry it with me wherever I go. One day, I met a friend of mine who carried the same one. We talk pleasantly. The one she carried was more expensive than mine. Yet we are both happy to own such a fantastic bag. After had dinner together, we said goodbye to each other and went home. I couldn’t wait to sleep that day as I was tired. My friend called me a few minutes after I fell asleep. She told me that each of us had made a mistake! I carried her Coach Kristin Woven Drawstring home and she carried mine! How dramatic it was! Then she found me and got hers late at that night. There were some important documents which were important for her in it. This is Coach Kristin Woven Drawstring, my favorite bag. The author is expert on replica celine handbags and writes articles or blog posts on the niche for quite a few years.



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