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Coach rockwell to retain their maiden name

  • By beautydress tarrant
  • Published 05/10/2011
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Bride: Lady diana spencerGroom: British king charlesWedding Date: July 29, 1981Wedding Location: St. Paul’s CathedralWedding Comments: This is the 20th century, the classic 80’s style Wedding Dresses: ivory skirt, such as undulating waves, trailing up to 25 feet, trimmed with more than 10,000 pearls and sequins. In the magnificent cathedral, the altar of Diana to 3 minutes and 30 seconds, and the world as if all women age girls to see their dream become a reality.Marital Status: The marriage was originally a mistake, Charles married Diana and feelings completely break down, each has other lovers. Ten years ago a car accident claimed the life of the beautiful Diana, Charles has married Camilla.

Fairy tale plot: “Cinderella” that met the ball is in the Prince Charles 30th birthday party. Although Diana is just make up the numbers of guests, or even no chance to dance with the Prince song, but the story, after all, a start. Subsequently, the most important chapters of concern to a few words of Diana remarks: “You’re on the aisle is very sad. This is the saddest I have ever scene. I see you sad, my heart wil

l be also for you Bleeding. I think this is unfair. you are so lonely, there should be someone to take care of you. “They are talking about the recent funeral of Charles’s uncle MountbattenBride: Clotilde courauGroom: Emmanuel fhiliberto of savoyWedding Date: September 25, 2003Wedding Design: ValentinoComments: The wedding, the bride was pregnant for six months. So deliberately chosen Baby Flower Girl Dresses style queen style, high waist, with the hands of the pink waterfall bouquet, cleverly conceal the bulge in the abdomen, if you do not look carefully, did not notice that she is a pregnant woman. 18-foot tulle veil, and longer tail to make it more light. Marital Status: married, Coach Rockwell to retain their maiden name, and continue his acting career. Fairy tale plot: Italy’s former royal family Sawo Ya was overthrown in 1946, was forced into exile in the career. 2002, was allowed to return to the motherland. Emanuel is a Swiss TV station, he was in Monte Carlo, a charity ball at first sight on the Law Library, but since she has been avoiding his calls, until a year later agreed to date him. “I do not like the rich and powerful people, ” Luo said Kou, “I only believe in the noble heart. ”



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